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Nov 29, 07 8:27 pm

Whose initials are on the Mendelsohn sketch ?

E M -- out first blobbist ?

Nov 30, 07 8:57 am


Kinda reminds me of that look you see when a recent graduate starts work on the first day.

Nov 30, 07 9:25 am

i promise - this is not self aggrandizement - i'm just the biggest supporter of hand drawing - i specialized in it at school, and i'm dying to teach so that i could help re-institutionalize the use of the hand drawing to express as well as generate design ideologies in studios. this has a glimpse of some (ahhem) hand drawings.. i'd literally spend days in studio on an 80 square inch section of my drawings. thanks for this thread - and keep posting!

Steven WardSteven Ward
Nov 30, 07 9:28 am

nice, kyll. [sounds like something i might have said, too.]

Danny Wills
Nov 30, 07 9:35 am

is that a section of someone on a toilet?

Nov 30, 07 9:39 am


yes. yes it is...

Nov 30, 07 10:08 am

Eliel Saarinen - runner-up - Tribune Tower Competition

Nov 30, 07 10:58 am

...and now, for something completely different ...

Palace of the Soviets

Dec 1, 07 8:10 am

I hate to ruin such a great list of drawings...

I would like to hear Gehry say: Okay, folks, pay attention to the joinery!


Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 1, 07 2:57 pm

Eugene-Emmanual Voillet-le-duc "Maconnerie", 1864

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 1, 07 3:01 pm

HR Giger "Alien", 1978

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 1, 07 3:07 pm

Patterlini Benoit "Volcano City", 2007

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 1, 07 3:10 pm

Patterlini Benoit "Volcano City", 2007 (the other half)

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 1, 07 3:13 pm

(the last one is not hand a drawing, but thought them cool anyway)

Dec 1, 07 4:32 pm

Wow. I wonder if there's a plausible scenario for what we see here. . .does he have a "script" for this story ?

Dec 5, 07 9:49 am

Garrett Eckbo - landscape architect (founder of EDAW)

le bossman
Dec 5, 07 10:14 am

i hate when i scan images and i get that shadow on the side. it happens with books and separated drawings.

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 5, 07 12:29 pm

i had to rip out a page to the first image i posted.

Dec 5, 07 1:04 pm

I'm certainly sorry to hear that. . .

An alternative is to use your camera; I retrieve most of my book-bound images that way. It can take some ingenuity to get a flat and evenly-lit image, though.

Dec 5, 07 2:45 pm

Richard Meier - Jubilee Church (Rome) - early sketches

Dec 6, 07 2:45 pm

annoying shadow on left adds "character". . .

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 3:13 pm


Dec 6, 07 3:16 pm

Maurice D. Cox Architects, Architecture for Humanity

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 3:22 pm

quizzical, i respect you, but that could easily be sketch up pro

Dec 6, 07 4:16 pm

Look closer. . .

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 4:26 pm

oh no shit. it is. look at the shadows. looks like with maybe some detail added in photoshop.

Dec 6, 07 4:36 pm

So, hand-drawn over a sketch-up ? What about all those wiggly and slightly irregularly-spaced parallels ?

Dec 6, 07 4:37 pm

fair enough criticism -- but, it still has more of a "done by hand or partially by hand" feel though than the ones posted above by metamechanic.

i'll be more careful in future.

Dec 6, 07 4:38 pm

Let's see a close-up. . .

Dec 6, 07 4:46 pm

This is about the best I can do for you ...

You understand -- this is not my drawing -- just a "sketch" I found online.

Dec 6, 07 5:00 pm

Thanks. Well I'm learning -- are we saying that every line there was done in Sketch-up Pro ? It all looks so completely hand-drawn. . .?

Dec 6, 07 5:30 pm

personally, I think it is a certain amount of hand work, applied over some sort of computer generated perspective. but, who knows for sure, other than the creator?

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 6, 07 5:39 pm

when i have time i'll post some stuff i've been experimenting with

i model in 3dMAX
export to CAD with hidden lines
print to PDF
export back to CAD
squigle the lines in (squigle V6)
adjust lineweights
do photoshop
and have something that looks way better than sketch-up

might as well hand draft it

Dec 6, 07 5:46 pm

Ha ! Well there's perfect perspective, and a nice regularity to the squiggle, probably, and some other goodies -- wht's not to like ?

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 5:47 pm

i don't think every line was drawn in sketch up. i think it was manipulated in psd, maybe with some extra hand drawing, especially the trees and the sky. but the building has gotta be sketchup.

Dec 6, 07 6:01 pm

Not a computer in sight ... let's move on.

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 6:04 pm

there's nothing wrong with utilizing the computer on this thread

Dec 6, 07 6:06 pm

I agree ... I was though we were bogging down and I'd get us back on track with a sketch where there could be no doubt.

Dec 6, 07 6:15 pm

It that Fallingwater on its way into the stream ?

Dec 6, 07 6:37 pm

Robert Venturi

Dec 6, 07 6:48 pm

Pablo Picasso

Dec 6, 07 7:03 pm
Dec 6, 07 7:14 pm

Renzo Piano - Whitney Museum of American Art addition

Dec 6, 07 7:29 pm

The things you find in your copy of a 1971 book on presentation techniques. . .

I don't know what it is -- do you want me to find out ?

What, one of these wasn't enough ?

Oh, the horror. . .

le bossman
Dec 6, 07 7:47 pm

are you talking about the architecture or the drawing?

Dec 6, 07 7:55 pm

The architecture. I suppose the drawings are quite accomplished. I like the Sant'Elia and the Venturi above more. . .

Dec 6, 07 8:01 pm

This, from the same volume, is a nice piece of work.

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 6, 07 9:30 pm

more Sant'Elia

Dec 6, 07 9:54 pm

Yow. Richer than I've seen before. Always with the same b+w images. And don'cha love those figures. . .?

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 6, 07 10:26 pm

i thought first it was a guy with a piano and then i realized its a man with a hat and a fat man with a small head...?

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