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Feb 25, 08 11:51 am

Yow. (Well, it's good to see it both ways.) Who IS this man ? There's something a bit Brueghel about that smaller one. . .

le bossman
Feb 25, 08 3:26 pm

i don't know just some crazy guy. i first came across his work in the Vitamin D book

le bossman
Feb 25, 08 8:16 pm

more from paul noble:

le bossman
Feb 25, 08 8:17 pm
Feb 25, 08 8:55 pm
Feb 26, 08 1:08 pm

Stadium Square; Cleveland, Ohio, 1927

From an article entitled "When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Suburbs"

Mar 1, 08 9:23 pm

This is the work of Thomas Silva, when he was a second-year student at Cooper Union, in 1983-84. The project is called "Men's Shelter in the Bowery," and is published in "The Education of an Architect" (Cooper Union / Rizzoli; E Diller, D Lewis, K Shkapich, eds; 1988/1996). The Dean and Associate Dean at the Irwin S Chanin School of Architecture of Cooper Union at the time were John Hejduk and Richard Henderson, respectively.

le bossman
Mar 3, 08 10:26 am

huh. i had martin finio on a review once.

Mar 3, 08 12:03 pm

Douglas Darden

Mar 9, 08 12:34 pm
Mar 9, 08 7:59 pm

Is that couple walking toward us, or running in blind panic. . .?

Mar 30, 08 8:49 pm

From the Mar. 24 New Yorker, some "spots" by Jacques de Loustal

le bossman
Oct 22, 08 5:57 pm

let us revive this thread

Oct 22, 08 6:57 pm

this is a great thread.

SDR, i wish i would have seen that cooper union project 5 years earlier. in my 2nd year of undergrad i designed a library addition that explored a similar idea. i'll dig through my stuff and see if i can find a drawing of it to post (which were pencil on mylar).

Oct 22, 08 7:05 pm

I'm not sure if these made it on the thread yet, but all of Lequeu's archive is scanned and posted here:

The site is annoying because they don't have thumbnails.

[img width=415][/img]

If he gets to use pink poche, then I get to use pink poche!

Oct 22, 08 7:05 pm

Oct 22, 08 8:19 pm

reminds me a bit of...

boullee's cenotaph for isaac newton
Oct 22, 08 9:00 pm

throw some retail on the periphery of that stadium, and you've got the least obtrusive stadium in america...

Oct 22, 08 9:44 pm

The contrast between the two examples above is amusing. Sort of Po-mo vs. Mo ?

Gordon HulleyGordon Hulley
Oct 23, 08 7:51 am

Drawing connects me to childhood, when one simply drew whatever the hell one wanted. So, apologies for lowering the standard here after such great images, but I just recently scanned some stuff out of an old sketchbook. I was walking across a place called the Carse of Stirling... an expanse of rolling low-land bordered by mountains and a Big Sky. I think on a recent summer holiday I'd visited those salt mines at Arc-et-Senans with buildings and drawings by Ledoux(?) - similar period/idea to Boullee above:

The Ledoux original:

Gordon HulleyGordon Hulley
Oct 23, 08 7:55 am

erk... I'll try again... maybe it's just my browser

Oct 23, 08 12:37 pm

nice sketches solidred.

le bossman
Nov 16, 08 8:18 pm

while not specifically drawing related, i wanted to share with you the bizarre, colorful glass compositions and - drawings - of dale chihuly:

le bossman
Nov 16, 08 8:19 pm

i have no idea what just happened there

le bossman
Nov 16, 08 8:20 pm

le bossman
Nov 16, 08 8:21 pm

huh? okay, it's rigged

Nov 16, 08 9:20 pm

Aww -- we want to see. Try again ?

le bossman
Nov 17, 08 4:44 pm

i'd just try the link...

Nov 17, 08 8:18 pm

A little Chihuly goes a long way, for me. (Maybe the Archinect site has a screen-damage color-filter utility ?) Chihuly is allegedly a jerk. I can say that because we share an alma mater. . .

Given that, the work is a bravura tour-de-force, I'll admit.

Jan 23, 09 12:37 pm



more images and info

Feb 10, 09 2:02 pm

let's revive this thread ... I always enjoy viewing the images posted here:

Feb 10, 09 3:53 pm

right-click, copy and paste link in new window for bigger

Dave Prosser via Drawn!

le bossman
Feb 10, 09 4:38 pm

very cool.

Feb 11, 09 12:00 pm

This blog is great for hand drawings:

Feb 11, 09 1:48 pm

n400 ... great link ... thanks for bringing it to our attention.

le bossman
Jun 17, 09 8:30 am

i would say that zak smith is easily my current favorite sketch artist: width=340 width=340 width=340 width=

he's incredibly prolific. i suppose i could draw that well, but i don't possess whatever compulsion exists to do that much work, though i wish i did.

le bossman
Jun 17, 09 8:31 am



sorry it's early

Jun 17, 09 9:40 am

Victor Timofeev:

Jun 17, 09 12:06 pm

Maybe we need to borrow an idea that's working beautifully [pun intended] in another thread: a stream-of-consciousness connection between one image or group, and another ?

Jun 17, 09 1:41 pm

That's an idea for a chair, by the way.

So -- maybe not a necessary gimmick, to choose images based on something in a previous drawing -- but -- anything to encourage continuation of the thread !

le bossman
Jun 17, 09 3:06 pm

maybe. although, if people come up with random ideas, they could start the chain over again. it's too bad they never put one of those red things next to it.

Aug 16, 09 10:32 pm


I have been informed by architect Thomas Silva, now practicing in San Francisco, that the student project titled "Men's Shelter on the Bowery," which I posted above, is his work solely, and not that of classmate Martin Finio, whose project of the same name is published separately in the volume mentioned. The attribution error was mine, due to careless reading of the credits at the back of the book. My apologies to Mr Silva.

Aug 18, 09 5:49 pm

Ben Grasso's paintings. I saw some of his work at the Whitney show a few years back and have been following him since. Amazing work.

Aug 19, 09 9:04 am
Aug 19, 09 3:24 pm

more images of a similar nature here: Art Deco California

Jun 1, 10 11:53 am

My camera has a build in "face reconision" this is the faces it reconise.
It also has an auto "Make-Up" function, now it's not a new camera and the beautifyer don't work as efficient as modern cameras do, it do not add lips red and eye shaddow nearly as agressive as a modern camera, guess I should be glad about that.

Here a smaller one made before the one in the top, these StreetArt pieces do have a particular impac.

Jun 12, 10 11:54 am

Jun 12, 10 1:40 pm

I am very partial to this delicious image, a 1929 lithograph by Louis Lozowick.

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