SCAD or SCI-arc... Or does it matter?

Feb 11 '13 7 Last Comment
Feb 11, 13 4:51 pm

I have applied to both schools and have been accepted to SCAD but not SCI-arc yet. If I do get into both what is your input or comments about which one I should choose. Overall advice or specific suggestions are welcome.


Feb 12, 13 5:23 am

I am not sure about SCAD. But SCI-arc is definitely a good architecture school. 

Feb 12, 13 10:34 am

Congrats, both are great schools. Choose the school that cost nothing because it really doesn't matter where you go to school :-(

Feb 13, 13 6:15 pm

doesn't matter.  you'll get the same job as everyone else.

Feb 14, 13 12:14 am


Feb 18, 13 6:37 am

haha, this might be the ultimate consideration for people to choose.

Feb 18, 13 4:04 pm

"doesn't matter.  you'll get the same job as everyone else."

Or, you wont get any jobs(like most people these days)

Feb 18, 13 5:32 pm

The whole "it doesn't matter" routine is false, as different schools have different connections and networks and you should weigh the one that appeals to you while also weighing the financial implications. 

Yeah, if you are a shill who hides in crowds and doesn't present any significance in the program, then I guess it won't matter.

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