Need help recreating bedroom suite from famous movie...

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Jan 31, 13 5:34 pm


I am trying to recreate the bedroom suite from the movie Mr. Deeds (2002).

I think that it was created on a sound-stage, but am trying to get accurate measurements of the bedroom suite itself.

I tried to use the bed as a standard of measure, but the bed looks to be much bigger than the standard king/California king sized bed.

My "best" guess is that the room is probably approximately 20' wide x 40' long...?  With the bed chamber taking half of that 20' wide x 20' long...?

And the corresponding ceiling would probably be 16' high...?

I love the three step up/down raised platform of the bed chamber as well as the decagon shape.

Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to You Tube of Mr. Deed's - the bedroom suite can be seen at (20:45 - 22:10).

Thanks as always!


Jan 31, 13 10:27 pm

what you want me to draw you a plan or something?

great film!

G. BaetenG. Baeten
Jan 31, 13 11:27 pm

Sure! :)

Jan 31, 13 11:43 pm

okay that'll be $800

G. BaetenG. Baeten
Jan 31, 13 11:47 pm

lol :)

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 1, 13 9:46 am

Just start building a full-size mockup, first in foam core with masking tape and T-pins so you can make easy adjustments, then as you start to get the scale and proportion right start subbing in studs and drywall, next thing you know the bedroom is built, voila!

G. BaetenG. Baeten
Feb 1, 13 6:05 pm

Ah... anyone take these forums seriously?


Josh MingsJosh Mings
Feb 1, 13 9:26 pm

Plenty of us take the forums seriously. None of us, however, would want to build a model of a bedroom in such a horrible movie.

Feb 2, 13 4:58 pm

At 20:57 Mr. Sandler stands up. He seems to be average height of 5'10" so you could judge from that. You could also go through the movie credits and see if the set director can sell you the actual bed, that may be cheaper than making one from scratch. If the bed was sold at auction he may still have the plans etc. or be able to contact the next owner.They probably used common 10' or 12' sizes of foam and wood to save cuts and splices. The matress being 10' and the wood bits being 12' type thing.

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