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Dina MahmoudDina Mahmoud
Jan 31, 13 1:41 pm

I am applying to the MArch at the Bartlett, but am confused about whether to apply for the MArch in Architecture or in Graduate Architectural Design.

At first I was leaning towards the MArch in Architecture because the Design Unitis seem more interesting, and it would be nice to do a two year instead of a 1 year program.

However I have a 5 year BArch from the AUB, and I'm reading things about how a part II RIBA course is basically just an undergrad diploma.

The GAD sounds more advanced.

Is the part II RIBA super important to have in order to get a job in the UK?

Any insights about the difference between these two courses? 


Apr 24, 13 5:41 am

Hi mazboudi, 

The MArch Part II is equivalent to your 5 year Architecture degree. They split the course in the UK (first 3 years is Part I and MArch, 2 years is Part II). I have exhaustively researched masters programs in design in the UK and will def be applying for the MArch GAD later this year (I hold a 5 year arch degree from Malta). As regards, employment you would be considered a part II graduate as you are now, however reading for a masters in design in a UK institution would set up for a better chance as regards contacts, etc etc.  

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