Info/Data for Detroit, MI

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Jan 30, 13 3:13 pm

I'm a student and I am currently working on a project in Detroit, MI (specifically Highland Park, MI). My classmates and I are having a hard time locating detailed data for the area. The city and state website can only offer limited information as far as topography, land coverage/use, etc. Does anyone have or know of better resources for this information? We'd appreciate any help!


Jan 30, 13 10:31 pm

Umm.... It's flat. It's underpopulated. It's a rough part of town. Are you a u of m student? Drive there. Look on google. Us census. Come on.... Go to the library. Do some research.

Jan 31, 13 12:50 pm

No, I am in Iowa but we will be going there in a few weeks. We have already found all of the demographic (i.e. US census) and anecdotal information we need. I just wanted to see if we could get any more technical information. Topography maps (USGS has *very* little info), building footprints and heights, land coverage/vacancy, GIS data, etc. Thanks though.

Feb 1, 13 9:25 am

you could use Google sketch up and toggle terrain and turn it into a solid for a rough start to get an idea of topo and other such info.

Feb 1, 13 9:58 am

Try the local governmental sites. Often the city and or county will have a GIS department. The county assessors office will also have data. You might need to call them. Also don't forget your university librarian. It's their job to help w stuff like this and they can find stuff that google can't.

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