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Stoyan KaludovStoyan Kaludov
Jan 29, 13 7:19 pm

Hi guys, I recently completed and improved my portfolio.  I would appreciate some input from you guys before I start sending it around.  I am a recent Graduate with a B.S. in Architecture, and I plan to start sending my works to some firms. Please, if you have any comments or thoughts let me know... It needs to be as perfect as possible... It's tough out there.


Here is the link :


Jan 29, 13 8:27 pm

Check out the portfolios on Archinect people - 

Philip PanzarellaPhilip Panzarella
Jan 29, 13 10:24 pm

I'm not sure if "Final Solution" should used in there.  Not something you want your portfolio to remind people of.

As for the design, I think the black lines dividing up each page are a little strong and might overpower the actual drawings.  Other than that, it looks good.

Good luck with the job search. 

Stoyan KaludovStoyan Kaludov
Jan 29, 13 10:56 pm

Thanks for the input... The lines do seem a little overpowering when exported to PDF... It looked much better in indesign... I will definitely tweak the line weights, it's just a little time consuming as I will have to tweak the frame sizes as well...

Jan 30, 13 3:02 am

i'd suggest... take 2 days of your time looking through highly rated folios on Issuu or some student works at good arch schools webstes.

You have some nice decent works for sure, but they arent well-presented enough IMO. 
The competition is brutal out there.

Stoyan KaludovStoyan Kaludov
Jan 30, 13 2:22 pm

@ Siamese I appreciate that you took the time to look through my projects. Do you care to elaborate on your concern. Do you think the composition is lacking graphically or are the drawings not giving the right information maybe?

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