AA undergraduate applicant: late portfolio submission...

Jan 21 '13 5 Last Comment
Jan 21, 13 9:07 pm

I am an applicant of  AA undergraduate first year. The deadline of the portfolio submission was last Friday(Jan 18), and I just mailed mine this morning(Jan 21).

My portfolio will be arrived there in the coming days. hope this is still me...

i am just so worried and anxious......

I know it is my failure, I should have gone to the printing store eariler.... and do better time management....

I am just so worried, will they reject my portfolio? and disqualify my application?

Anbody has this kind of exprience can share with me?

want to talk with somebody...


Jan 21, 13 9:38 pm

I was unsure whether it was due by the 18th or just needed to be postmarked by that date. I sent mine on Friday (the 18th). If you find out further information please share. I will do the same if I hear from them... Good luck

Jan 21, 13 10:51 pm

sure man, would you mind to give me your email or contact like Skype? i pretty sure that we will have many things to share.

Jan 22, 13 12:08 am

Yeah no worries, it's I'm applying for the grad school just to let you know

Dima Srouji
Jan 23, 13 5:23 pm

Hi guys 

The AA has a March deadline for late applications. It doesn't affect your application in any way. The only difference is that you might get a later response. I'm applying for fourth year. It's basically a rolling admission.. I have friends that got accepted after applying in may. 

Jan 26, 13 8:51 pm

Hey all,

I applied for Part I back in early December and sent my portfolio as an international student. They still haven't given me a reply. Do you guys know how long they take to reply? It's my first choice.


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