21 January


I can't tell.

Is this 1999 Deterritorialized Baroque via Deconstructivism?
Or 1999 Reterritorialized Deconstructivism via the Baroque?


Steven Holl, Tianjin Ecocity Ecology and Planning Museums, 2013

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 1, 2007.09.22

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking, scheme 3, 2007.09.22

Yes Virginia, the Pre-Raphaelites came after Raphael.
But what comes before Pre-Shrine?
Museumpeace, of course.

Quondam, Yin/Yang Compare/Contrast Museum/Pre-Shrine, 2013.01.21

...maybe even a floor plan.

Jan 21, 13 12:07 pm

I'm laufing right now.

Jan 21, 13 1:43 pm



Jan 21, 14 9:57 pm

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