Help identifying these projects?


Hi Archinect

Can you identify the following projects for me?

Thank you!

Jan 20, 13 11:41 pm

#4 - looks like the Smithsons. Cluster City or something very similar...

Jan 21, 13 1:26 am

#3 - Le Corbusier - La Ville Radieuse

Jan 21, 13 1:30 am

That website doesn't list the names of the projects! Does it?

Jan 21, 13 3:02 pm

#1 the tail-end of Le Corbusier's Urbanisation de la Ville d'Alger, 1930

#2 a portion of Leonidov's Magnitogorsk--Proposal for a New Town, 1930

Jan 21, 13 5:40 pm

Thank you so much, Evan and Quondam!

Jan 21, 13 10:01 pm

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