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Jan 17 '13 4 Last Comment
Jan 17, 13 1:08 pm

Hello.   I plan to move from London to the Netherlands this year with my Dutch partner, can anyone give any advice about how easy it is for a foreigner to get a job?   My Dutch is 'conversational' only, definitely not good enough for use in a professional context (working on that!).

I have 7 yrs experience in the UK and my areas of specialism are hotel/leisure and energy efficiency.   If anyone has any tips about getting a job please share!   Thanks.


Jan 17, 13 7:53 pm

The language shouldn't be a problem (when working in the larger cities). The fact that the entire architecture industry is in a dire state. There are simply pretty much NO jobs whatsoever to be found, rather...

Jan 18, 13 10:10 am

Thanks guys.   I guess I didn't really expect the job market to be any better than here in London!   Do you know if there are more opportunities in sustainability consulting, rather than architecture?   

Jan 18, 13 11:56 am

Belle, speaking of sustainability - from what I've heard "Cradle-to-Cradle" is quite a popular buzzword in the Netherlands these days- especially around Venlo. So maybe you want to dip into Braungart's theories when you prepare for job interviews in that field.

Jan 18, 13 4:00 pm

Great, thanks for the tip Jadzia

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