Designing A Fashion House

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Jan 9, 13 9:55 am

I'm an architecture student and I'm doing my final project. The subject of my project is "Fashion House" which I'm going to design.

The problem is that I almost find nothing over the net about the fashion houses which have been designed before. Can anyone help me on this? Should I contact fashion houses?


Jan 9, 13 10:00 am
Jan 10, 13 4:23 am

are you a student from India?  There was a member who was doing his thesis on 'Car Dealerships'  from there o_O

Feb 2, 13 2:07 pm

Should it have a runway?

What's the primary purpose of this house, designing, shopping, presenting?
Were you given a location?  I can help some if you would like.

Feb 2, 13 4:43 pm


Line up some Amazing Model's, you know in their assorted fashion outfits and you go GREEK.  You know like all those cool places you can hang out that are thousands of years old.  Have them be the Pillars of Fashion.  The important thing is to use a classical monument floor plan, nothing less will do.  Let the Model's be the eye music.

Yours Truly,

The Duke

Feb 13, 14 11:48 pm

hey i have taken up fashion technology park and handloom industry as my thesis topic, i need help with case studies and if any1 has any information or drawing please do mail me in i would be very grateful...

Feb 14, 14 9:06 am

Hey, im actually working on an arch project that has to do with fashion. We just had a lecture on organization and movement of the runway. You can look up OMA and Prada, it should help. Good luck.

Jan 16, 15 12:14 pm

Hello I am working on my final project a fashion house design but I haven't been able to have any reasonable guideline to my design making the design slow and restricted. Would be glad to get any help on it pls. Thanks

Jan 16, 15 12:20 pm

No one has answered what a fashion house is. A clothing store?

Oct 22, 16 2:20 pm

Hey! all those who worked on the fashion house project please help me find references to work with too. I'm an Interior design student working on Fashion House as my final project.

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