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Jan 5 '13 6 Last Comment
Jan 5, 13 9:24 pm

Hello Hello,

Here's another portfolio up for constructive criticism. Here's some background, I am a 4th year undergraduate at the University of Arizona, I've created this portfolio to show firms in hopes of being hired for an internship this summer (in NYC preferably.)


Also, I have some questions on when applying for summer internships is most appropriate.

Does it make sense to send a firm a link to your portfolio or send them a low res pdf?

Thanks in advance. Comment away!


Jan 6, 13 9:32 pm

nice portfolio.

take the head-shot out!

Jan 6, 13 10:00 pm

@jk3hl Thanks! I'm still debating on having it, since European firms ask for it and I am interested in applying to European firms who have offices in NY they may like it. Well see...

Jan 7, 13 12:44 am

I vote to take the headshot out too

Jan 7, 13 1:09 am

Solution: Take the headshot out for American firms. Leave it in for European firms.

Jan 11, 13 3:59 am

Thanks for the comments: Here's an more refined version. WARNING: Head shot is still present.

Jan 11, 13 9:33 am

I think it's better than mine...I posted mine on here a couple days ago.

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