10 most stressful jobs in America.

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Jan 3, 13 11:57 pm

Jan 4, 13 11:11 am

That's because it says JOBS FOR 2013. There's a high unemployment rate in the profession right now, and the AIA has their thumbs up their asses pretending its not happening.

Jan 4, 13 11:31 am

I think they define a job as something you get PAID for doing.  That would obviously rule out architecture in their study.  LOL.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Jan 4, 13 11:56 am

horrible and pointless list. some refinement of their definition of 'stress' would be helpful.

there's daily stress - the pressure of getting things done and keeping multiple balls in the air - and then there is the stress of potential for personal bodily harm.

there is stress that you take home, that you don't get to turn off, and then there is the stress that's more based on a hectic set of tasks that DOES stop at the end of the day.  

not distinguishing between completely different conditions of stressfulness is unhelpful and meaningless. 

Jan 4, 13 12:18 pm

One solution - meditate - 30 min after you awake and 30 minutes before going to bed - you can Youtube many great meditation sounds to assist you -

Jan 4, 13 2:14 pm

"One solution - meditate - 30 min after you awake"

I call that sleeping in for 30 more minutes.

"and 30 minutes before going to bed"

I call that trying to fall asleep.

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