Meeting architecture professionals in NYC


I am moving to NYC and would love to meet other architecture professionals in the city. I will be in the city till Jan 12, 2013. I will return in May to live in LES Manhattan when I have completed an M arch. (yes, I already have a place to live).

Are there any professionals in the city that care to meet up for a coffee or a drink and talk shop? I don't want to talk about job openings, and I am not begging for a position. Just looking to expand my network here and get to know the industry better.



Jan 2, 13 10:47 pm

hello,i m also new in the city.i would like to join you..



Jan 4, 13 7:25 pm

Hey Jacob,

I'd like to meet more NYC architects, so let me know when you're back!

Jan 18, 13 4:22 pm

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