In the future, everything will be a museum.

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Dec 29, 12 5:53 pm

2012.03.12 22:11
You know, I've come around to the notion of saving the building because it would be perfect as the world's first Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum. First off, you wouldn't have to change a thing, nor repair anything, for that matter. The building would become famous--well, maybe famous isn't the right word, but such a museum would definitely garner lots of media attention. And just think of all the opportunities to educate the masses, but in a twisted way, of course. Some would gleam knowledge of what architecture shouldn't be, while others (at the same time) gleam knowledge of what architecture should be. Kinky, indeed. Oh, and the t-shirts in the museum shop say, "I visited the Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum and all I got was this lousy t-shirt that says 'Shock me, I'm bourgeois!'" Wait! Wait! There's also another t-shirt that says, "Suck isn't the only thing that architecture does."



Dec 29, 12 6:25 pm

2012.03.23 21:23
It's time for me to enlarge/combine both my houses.

The program is simple: add lots more period rooms


Dec 29, 12 8:53 pm

2012.03.26 11:20

I guess the irony here is that pandering to the public is indeed one of the ways to make lots of money these days.

Then again, 'how to make lots of money' isn't one of the things taught in architecture school, is it?


Dec 29, 12 9:27 pm

you high?

Dec 29, 12 10:18 pm

2012.03.29 14:47
If ours is "an era of decadent, mass-produced, Orwellian mendacity about everything our culture is or aspires to be," then isn't that what our architecture should reflect?


Dec 30, 12 1:04 am

pop architecture? novelty architecture?

t a m m u z
Dec 30, 12 1:57 am


you believe that is what architecture should reflect?

other than that, i don't find that decadent need be strung along with the other words. and i don't know whether 'our culture' really aspires to be, even, perhaps 'our culture' aspires to be what it is not now and what it seems destined to there is the possibility of contradiction in your question.  

Dec 30, 12 1:05 pm

Of course there is the possibility of contradiction in my question--the contradiction was the  point.

The question is mine, but not the quotation.

I believe in multiple choice:
a. Welcome to the Hotel Zeitgeist.
b. In the future, everything will be a Zeitgeist Museum.
c. In the futute, everything will be a museum shop.
d. One museum fits all Zeitgeists. (Period rooms of the world unite!)
e. In the Zeitgeist, everything will be the future.


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