The Problem with Architecture

Dec 21 '12 1 Last Comment
Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
Dec 21, 12 10:18 pm

What more in your opinion?

And who are the pickers?

In the light of various tv shows, popular publications, how-to's and such, do you think widely accepted perception of architecture is more informed now?

Maybe the public replaced the exotic wood with sustainable exotic wood. Really? What do we have here? In addition to what we have been picking for centuries, what should be the more prioritized "picks" of architecture in our times? 


Dec 22, 12 12:34 am

My old colleague John certainly knew how to turn a phrase.  He was a fantastic writer as well as critic, designer, and thinker.

My opinion is that merely expanding the list of things to pick out or specify for a design --while certainly adding important variables-- still is not sufficient to get at the complexity of architecture.  Response to context or the use of symbolic forms, for example, don't lend themselves so easily to a checklist.

Good post, Orhan...

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