Affordable B. arch programs?

Dec 17 '12 5 Last Comment
Dec 17, 12 5:00 pm

So I'm receiving an aa in Arch and now applying to schools for their undergrad program OR accelerated masters programs. I'm learning towards USF's accelerated masters program because it is quick and affordable, and also up and coming. I'm applying to University of Texas's undergrad program as well. 


Is there any good undergrad programs I am missing out on that are affordable? I really can't seem to find many of them....




Dec 17, 12 5:12 pm

Staying in-state is  good way to earn an affordable degree. 

Dec 17, 12 6:08 pm

Depends on your level of financial support. Some schools may start with a high price tag but discount the cost if you are eligible for aid or scholarships.

Public universities are generally less expensive but you have to do the research to find the best offers.

That time frame you are talking about also makes a difference, some schools transfer you to the first year of studio setting you back to 0. The faster you can get your degree the better.

Dec 17, 12 7:14 pm

Cal Poly SLO.  Virginia Tech is also very good, but Cal Poly is consistently ranked top 5 by DI and their grads get recruited all over the country.

Kamu Kakizaki
Dec 18, 12 3:32 pm

cooper union is an all ride scholarship... wait they might be charging a little bit starting this year but definitely the most financial option. 

a lot of state schools also have a 4+2 program for a M.Arch so that would widen your options for in-state tuition, and it would be only 1 more year than a B.Arch. 

Dec 21, 12 3:30 pm

Thank you for all of the input!


Will definitely be checking out all of those places

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