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Dec 12 '12 2 Last Comment
Dec 12, 12 4:21 pm

I'm in the process of making my portfolio and I'm torn between the options. I've decided to go the double sided way as the pages flow better and I know this can be easily uploaded to But having a website looks more professional and unlike issuu most of the website templates are in the form of a list of one sided pages.

I would apreciate some good website template suggestions! as i'm really hoping it won't be neccesary to learn to code my own :D


Hiram RomanHiram Roman
Dec 12, 12 6:20 pm

Templates are nice but as a designer I found the only way to be truly satisfied is to learn to code it yourself or.... have a close friend do it for you, one that is willing to put up with all the nit-picking details.

Unless your portfolio is complete I would invest most of my time into designing/laying it out instead of worrying about website templates. 

I'm not a professional so I don't really know what potential employers prefer but seeing as most ask for a pdf of work samples I think it's safe to say that is the preferred method of submitting a portfolio. Websites are nice but usually only if you have the time to invest in them. 


My two cents... 

Dec 12, 12 6:57 pm

design a pdf portfolio first, then transfer the files into a website.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Eventually, most employers will want to see a hardcopy during the interview

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