How can architects help the Gaza strip club dancers?

Dec 9 '12 4 Last Comment
Dec 9, 12 11:24 pm

Facing a recession, how can architects around the world help these hard working ladies?


Dec 9, 12 11:47 pm

architects don't have money for strip clubs

Dec 10, 12 8:04 am

we could design new strip clubs for free or at least very low pay.

Dec 10, 12 3:26 pm

It is clear that the various power factions in the United States are creating chaos by supporting different strip clubs against each other. Also, Jewish banking interests are funneling too many tips to zionist fan dancers and that girl who does the ping pong ball trick.

Dec 10, 12 3:30 pm

Are visits tax deductible as a business expense?  That could help.

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