taj malodge

Dec 8 '12 7 Last Comment
Dec 8, 12 9:06 pm

i think this is pretty neat.  looks like the owner probably did it himself:


Dec 8, 12 9:18 pm

i was thinking, as i looked at those images, that this guy looks like he'll be waiting out the apocalypse, and then boom, the food stock and my initial thinking was confirmed.

Dec 9, 12 10:56 am

How could a good idea go so bad.....must have hired and  unregistered interior designer....

Dec 9, 12 10:56 am

it is more like a Taj MacLodge gone viral.

Dec 9, 12 6:15 pm

really?  i think its pretty neat.  a little tacky, yeah, but it looks like it could have been one guy's weekend project.

Dec 9, 12 9:14 pm

It's great.

Sarah Hamilton
Dec 10, 12 9:31 am

Definitely a guys retreat.

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Dec 11, 12 12:06 am

so much wood...

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