Anyone on Archinect that is currently working/living in Russia?

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Dec 8, 12 12:52 am

I would like to know more details about certain things. So if you fit that criteria please comment. 


Dec 10, 12 12:37 am

I would like to know what educational requirements would be needed to start work at an architectural firm in Russia. Would a B.Arch or M.Arch from the US suffice?  Would this arch school allow one to practice architecture? What is the process of becoming an architect in Russia?

Hike Martirosyan
Dec 10, 12 2:40 am is the website of the newborn school of architecture (Master degree only). It is non government school. Professors in this school are the best architects in our country nowadays. 

B.Arch allow you to work in architectural firm. There is no big matter you finished M.Arch or B.Arch. Your B.Arch in USA will completely suffice to work in russian architectural firm. But if you want to open your own arch. firm, you will need to recieve license. I don't know all the details of recieving license, but I can search inforimation about this.

Sorry for my english )

Yegor LyashenkoYegor Lyashenko
Dec 10, 12 2:46 am

Спасибо большое. Можно по русски. Напиши мне в профиль.  

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