SCI-Arc Applicants and Annual Intake




So I'm in the process of applying for an M.Arch Post Professional degree, and SCI-Arc is by far my top choice! I was just wondering if anyone knew how many people apply each each? And what is the percentage intake?



Dec 7, 12 1:06 am

Do it only if you can afford it. Debt will keep you from allowing yourself to pursue all kinds of employment/internships. Sorry that I didn't answer your question. 

Dec 7, 12 2:26 am

I believe the richest 1% of all architecture grad school applicants apply to Sci-arc .. I may be wrong

Dec 7, 12 10:21 pm

I wouldn't say so. Many are willing to rack up debt to attend. Silly in my opinion. 

Dec 7, 12 11:40 pm

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