Chateau de Bellevue destroyed by idiots.

Dec 5 '12 17 Last Comment
Dec 5, 12 10:38 am

I know that Architectural history can be a bit of a sore subject on these forums.  And I also know I rarely make an appearance on these forums, BUT this was so outlandish I had to post it.  


A Terrible Tragedy in Bordeaux 




Sarah Hamilton
Dec 5, 12 10:50 am

Must've had too much Bordeaux.

Dec 5, 12 11:00 am


I'm honestly hoping Devlin chimes in here or on my FB.  I'm curious to hear his opinion.  

Sarah Hamilton
Dec 5, 12 11:11 am

Is he French?  I hope it's here since you aren't on my FB.

Dec 5, 12 11:27 am

"Damn it! The intern put the notes on the wrong building in the demo plan!"

Dec 5, 12 12:09 pm

A very unfortunate mistake.  It makes one wonder what the demolition crew thought before they bulldozed it.

This appears to be the château in its former glory:

Dec 5, 12 12:11 pm

doesn't look like something you could accidentally bulldoze, does it?

Dec 5, 12 1:11 pm

Devlin lives in Nova Scotia, but to my knowledge he is one of the few I would consider to be classicists on this forum.   I could be entirely wrong there, but his name certainly stuck out when I read that.  

One of my friends from another architecture forum joked that it was probably a roofing contractor who decided to do demo just this once...

I can only hope there was a low deductible on their builder's risk insurance.  

vado retro
Dec 5, 12 1:19 pm
Donna SinkDonna Sink
Dec 5, 12 1:19 pm

Sarah, you win the internets for today.

I think it's an insurance scheme.  Come on.

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Dec 5, 12 1:23 pm

vado, it's nice you're around lately.

Did you attend that ivy school
All the kids thought you were cool
At least you look that way to me...
And do you believe in all this bull
Or are you just tryin to pull some wool
And can you tell me where I can intern for free.

Well I know that you're in love with him
Cuz I saw that blob you call a gym

Dec 5, 12 1:30 pm

Two words:

"Eee" and "Ohhhh..."

Sarah Hamilton
Dec 5, 12 1:40 pm

Thank you!  I owe it all to the Academy......


And Citizen has been hanging out with Old MacDonald for too long. 

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Dec 5, 12 1:44 pm

Who will be first to design the Chateau de Bellevue T-shirt?

Dec 5, 12 2:35 pm

I agree on the insurance scam.  Didn't want to come across as bigoted, but when I read the words "Russian Businessman" I immediately thought "oh what a great place to launder money."

Dec 5, 12 2:36 pm

Oh dear.  I just read the wonderfully written lyrics.  What gives with Dev?

Dec 5, 12 7:10 pm

Another contractor who can't read plans.  Or was it the intern who put everything on the EXISTING layer to DEMO?

Dec 5, 12 8:07 pm

I understand that the owner is going to build an exact replica of this building.  It’s going to be nearly impossible to reproduce the patina created during a nearly 300-year existence.

While awful, this could be an opportunity to create a new building, of equal dignity and longevity, which represents the community today.  It’d make a great competition.

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