Guess an American Architect

Nov 20 '12 3 Last Comment
Nov 20, 12 5:10 am

Hello everybody, 

I seem to remember an well renowned American architect who shifted his focus from only pleasing the customers to instead pleasing the workers who were going to work in his office buildings. He's won awards and published papers on the subject, but both his name and the titles of his publications eludes me. 

Any help, guesses etc. would be much appreciated! Thank you


Nov 21, 12 5:15 am

Any help at all? :)

J. James R.J. James R.
Nov 21, 12 11:41 am

En dansker? Her er? Forlade denne plade umiddelbart. Disse mennesker er foragtelige udskylningsapparater.

Fortæl dronningen til at godkende min anmodning om et ansættelsesforhold visum.

Nov 27, 12 3:32 am

That's funny :) Give me a qualified guess, and maybe I'll give the Queen a call about that visa.. 

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