Help needed with the design of a game

Nov 13 '12 0
Nov 13, 12 7:16 pm


I'm trying to design an adventure game based on an architecture student going abroad(Loire Valley in France) for a trip organised by his university to view the old castles in the region.I'm thinking of meddling with modern architectural plans of the castle in a way that the protagonist,accute as he is can spot errors in the modern design plans and the real thing.the errors will mostly be hidden passages and concealed storage spaces,however small.

Anything you can refer me to that will help design the game is appreciated.

Also feel free to post some ideas and if anyone of you has visited a castle or chateaux in that area it would really help to know if there are specific ones that can inspire.

If there is actually a castle with this kind of secrets please respond.


Thanks a lot,



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