DIA in Dessau, ICD in Stuttgart or SAC in Frankfurt???...

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Nov 12, 12 6:43 pm

Hi everybody... I'm deciding where study my master degree...

I'm looking for the best master program about digital architecture in Germany...

DIA in Dessau, ICD inStuttgart or SAC in Frankfurt???...

What do you think???...

Thank you very much for your help...



Nov 13, 12 4:19 am

What degree do you have now? Do you wish to become an architect in the future? Because  a degree from SAC for example will not allow you to enter the architects Kammer (it's a post-graduate degree and not equivalent to a Diplom or Masters).

DIA is a small international school in a tiny city. Uni Stuttgart is a huge, mostly German school in a much bigger city, with all of the opportunities that come with it.

Stuttgart is definitely more known and well regarded within Germany, and the faculty is "better" than DIA's, but how that reflects on the quality of education, I can't really say.

sprichst du Deutsch? Unlike the other two, Uni Stuttgart is still a German-language institution and you'll need to pass the TestDaf, DSH, Goethe Exam or similar to study there (assuming you're an international applicant). Other schools worth considering in the German speaking world with an emphasis on digital/algoramithic/computational design are FH Trier, ABK Stuttgart, ETH Zürich, die Angewandte Wien, and Uni Innsbruck.

If you have any other questions, just ask!

chatter of clouds
Nov 13, 12 10:26 am

no you dont need germsn to get into the ICD judging from the website. but other stuttgart programs have language requirements

Nov 13, 12 11:39 am

Ok, that's certainly something one would have to clarify. Mind you, I left Stuttgart a couple years ago now and it appears that ICD is trying to expand their international appeal, but I still find it very hard to believe that one could earn an entire degree from Uni Stuttgart without speaking German.

May 27, 13 5:50 am

Are there any good schools in Berlin?

Mar 2, 16 8:24 am

Hi all,

As a student here, to be honest, I must give you an seriously advice that NEVER GO TO DIA. it's very bad!!!!

you can see my comment here

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