Diversity in Renderings

Nov 9 '12 10 Last Comment
Nov 9, 12 4:27 pm

So I spent the last little while looking at purchasing scale figures for renderings and I can only seem to find white people. The packages come with 1 or 2 people of different ethnicities...but that doesn't quite cut it for the location of the project I'm working on (DC).

Anyone have any tips on where I can find a diverse set of people for purchase? I don't want to spend hours cutting people out so I'm happy to spend the money.


Nov 9, 12 4:34 pm

Good luck, and when you decide to cut out your own, good luck finding enough that you can legally use and that are not reinforcing negative stereotypes.

Nov 9, 12 11:20 pm

google 'free entourage images'

Nov 10, 12 2:42 pm has a ton of high quality entourage for free.  I highly recommend it.

Nov 10, 12 7:45 pm

Thanks for the tip on vyonyx....great resource.

But as Randh predicted, not much in the way of non-white people. I'm going to hold onto hope for a bit longer, but I think this might end up a long weekend.

Nov 29, 12 2:51 pm

I've had the same issue. I ended up just turning them into semi-transparent silhouettes instead.

Nov 29, 12 7:39 pm

fashion magazine from around the world

Nov 30, 12 8:23 am

Try fashion blogs. Great source for high quality images of all kinds of people, plus the subject is always in focus. They look a little quirky but it's better then seeing the same vyonyx people in every rendering since 2010.

Nov 30, 12 11:00 am

try the sartorialist

Dec 1, 12 1:16 am

Fashion blogs do seem okay...but fashion mags are maybe a bit much. 

I'm often hesitant to put overly fashionable people in my renderings because I feel like when all of the people are beautiful and stylish it abstracts the space to much. I'm all for artistic renderings, or images with a limited material palette...but there is something about runway models that make the space seem uninviting, or cold, or something.


Anyway, all of this is pretty much a moot point anyway because I can't use images off of a blog like the sartorialist without running into copyright issues.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Dec 1, 12 8:01 am

write the sartorialist, tell him what you're doing, and ask permission. if you're not publishing for $$$, i don't see why there would be a problem. 

of course this may not work if you're on a short deadline (like it's due tomorrow), but maybe for next time...

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