Interior Design or Interior Architecture?

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Nov 8, 12 4:24 pm

Hello everyone, 

I am a high school student and I have some sense of what I want to study in college. I have come down to Interior Design or Interior Architecture. I know that Interior Architecture is somewhat of a combination of Interior Design and Architecture, except they work on the inside of the building rather than exterior. 

I like the sound of getting to re-do the entire interior of the house/building so I want to get into Interior Architecture but after searching for colleges that have Interior Architecture as a major, I couldn't find a lot. I guess I did find some but I don't really like the schools. 

So I was wondering if I would be able to major in interior design and get a M from Architecture and maybe be an Interior Architect that way? Or would that take too much time?

I've heard that many interior designers end up going back to school to get degrees for architecture as well so I'm in debate. I'm not really into the whole exterior of a building thing...

Please help me! Thank you!


Nov 8, 12 5:04 pm

My new co-worker got her interior design degree and then later an M.arch and she is a better architect than I will ever be - why? I believe designing from the inside out creates a better design - and no it does not take any more time + with all the TI(tenant improvement work) the dual degree, Interiors then architecture is a better mix - You don't want to be just a lo paid "grunt" like me - I have no future in my office - none

Nov 9, 12 1:08 am

Interior Design v. Interior Architecture is mostly semantics. People often think Interior Design = Decorator (which isn't true) so they throw the word architecture in there to make it sound more legit.


That said I would highly recommend pursuing Interior Design/Architecture as opposed to traditional architecture. I would argue that you will probably do more "architecture" as an interior designer than most architects would.

Nov 13, 12 11:20 am

I've heard this from many people that interior arch/design is fr more lucrative than straight architecture. Why is that? Aren't "interior architects" not licensed?

Nov 14, 12 12:09 pm


Nov 14, 12 12:30 pm

In the office I work, the Interior designer makes way more than I do - 

future hope
Nov 14, 12 12:43 pm

I agree (with August) that interior design and interior architecture are basically the same thing.  I would go with the best program rather than excluding the "interior design" options.

Nov 14, 12 9:41 pm


Perhaps Interior Design/Architecture is more fun because designers are spending more time working on actual projects rather than chasing silly licenses :)

Nov 15, 12 1:40 am

When pursuing Interior Architecture, do  the masters programs teach the same basic design courses? Or is it an entirely different approach and set of classes? 

Also, I was warned that pursuing a masters in architecture while working full time would be next to impossible but a lot of the ID/IA programs I have found and night part time options. So it is making me wonder if ID/IA is a bit of a different course than straight architecture. 

Sergo Antadze
Nov 15, 12 2:24 am

there is  a masters degree program in Interior architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and this program is specifically designed for working professionals, all classes are evening classes.

Nov 15, 12 11:56 pm

interior architecture and interior design are more or less the same thing...interior decorator is a different story

Sergo Antadze
Nov 16, 12 1:09 am

"interior architecture and interior design are more or less the same thing...interior decorator is a different story"


sad part is many architects do not understand that concept either. and we expect clients to differentiate between interior designers and interior decorators.

Nov 16, 12 1:18 am

About the Cal Poly program, is it basically a design oriented program along the same lines as a regular M.Arch? 

I am trying to figure out what the difference is? I mean I was told by my advisers that arch school required a lot of attention and that they're all full time. I mean it was told to me that it would be like going to med school and that it would be tough even with a part time job? 

So that is why I am wondering why there would be a part time program for interiors? I am wondering if it's less design oriented? Less rigorous? 

boy in a well
Nov 16, 12 8:34 am

this is actually very informative.



Nov 16, 12 11:49 pm

Yes this topic discussion is very informative. Keep it going guys!

Oct 9, 13 10:13 pm

Hello everybody,
Can you explain please,what exactly is  the differences between interrior design and sustainable design.The specialist who redesign the functions(the restaurant instead of  an old factory)is  an interrior designer or sustainable.

Non Sequitur
Oct 10, 13 8:43 am

interior architecture = interior design not able to stand by their own and borrowing credibility from a tangential profession. It's a nonsense term and like software architect or mortgage architect or sandwich architect (probably, why not? it's trendy).

int-des spend more time complaining that architects don't understand what they do (most do, you're all too self-centred to believe it) than work. There is a reason why our architectural licenses take so long to acquire.

Oct 15, 13 12:13 am

I was dead set on going to school for architecture but then I explored the idea of interior architecture. The problem is, all the research I've done on interior architecture says that it's a profession that is still building I guess. If I did exactly what an interior architect was supposed to do then I would love it; however, it seems like interior architects very rarely do what they went to school for and get stuck in a firm doing interior design. Is there anyone out there who can has thoughts on this? Is my generalization more or less correct that interior architects end up being hired for interior design?

Non Sequitur
Oct 15, 13 9:15 am


interior architecture is interior design but with a pathetic marketing attempt to borrow credibility from the architecture world. Many professions are jumping on this line of marketing and it means nothing.

Oct 15, 13 9:49 am

Interior Design is also part of architecture, architecture exists in a multitude of scales. An interior design / architecture is a great education, however you NEED to pair it with the graduate M.arch so you can get your license or do a B.arch the a masters in Interiors, once you get out into the workplace a lot of the design you will do is on the interior scale, however you do not want to just be an interior designer yo will spend your days sourcing FFE and furniture, You want to be an architect that can work at the interior scale or adaptive re-use.

Jan 29, 14 11:25 am

You'd better try to search through some online magazines and blogs and figure out what will make you happy.

I can recommend you - it is about interior design, architecture, decorations, etc. Also - another great source with tons of information. 

Go there, chech out the projectst and get the divine inspiration for your future. Good luck, boy ! :)

Jan 31, 14 2:51 pm

Why are interior designers making more and why is there more work in interiors? 

Non Sequitur
Jan 31, 14 3:08 pm

manoverde84, I doubt that int-des people make more than licensed architects. For example, in my market you'll be lucky to snag a 40K/year job as a int-des where M.Arch graduates can expect anywhere between 40 to 45K/year as a start with another 15K or more with a license. Face it, most int-des schools do not teach enough skills that bring in higher salaries. If only they would promote their own skills instead or trying to one-up architects there would be much less confusion.

It's enough I can't use the word "design" in my office without getting an earfull from the int-des crew about how they don't teach design in arch-schools. Now I have to endure their bastardization of my title just for their own marketing with "interior-architect". It's enough to make me throw-up a kidney.

Feb 1, 14 4:05 pm

I understand. I don't blame you for being upset but is the profession in the same vein as planning/urban design, industrial and this new sustainable design stuff, where its a subset of arch design? Is that where they're piggybacking on the profession? 

Feb 4, 14 8:46 pm

manoverde84, this is merely conjecture, but perhaps there is more work for interiors because there are more interiors to work with? A lot of interior architecture is refurbishing/reappropriating existing structures for a different program, with the most cliche example being the warehouse to condominium conversions. Also, many architectural projects do not see the light of day for multiple reasons whereas property owners will always need designers to help redesign an old interior.

Feb 5, 14 10:33 pm

Now that makes sense. I was wondering why so many IDers were telling me that they get more work or whatever than architects. I also hear that from architects themselves. 

On another note is there even a major difference then in a masters in ID and a masters in interior architecture? I'm looking at the curriculum for both programs and they both seem quite similar. There has to be something that distinguishes an ID from an IA? It cannot soley be a rebranding thing? 

Feb 8, 14 1:45 pm

Who designs the really cool massive interiors in huge buildings? I pictured an interior designer or interior architect to design the inside of a cool Art Deco or Futurist style buildings, factories and public buildings. 

Most of the stuff I see online though about ID just seems just so...fru fru. Almost like fashion design or something. 

Please tell tell me in utterly mistaken 

Feb 8, 14 11:45 pm


Mar 3, 14 12:58 pm

Manoverde84 - Generally the firms that design those buildings will have an in-house interior design department.  Usually the people in those departments have an Interior Design degree.  

My two cents on the whole discussion:

I have a BS in Interior Design, and did a lot of research on programs before choosing the Art Institute.  If you want to get an Interior Design degree, but work at an architecture firm, I think what matters most is choosing a program that is VERY technical.  I worked at an architecture firm while I was in school as a draftsperson, because my program was so CAD heavy, I was able to jump in with architects and keep up.  

My mother is an architect, and originally encouraged me to go for an Architecture degree, but now she is happy that I went with Interior Design.  We have a firm together, and typically look to hire designers with an ID degree rather than an M.Arch.  In our experience, designers who have only gone through an architecture program tend to be more conceptual thinkers, which is harder to apply to real-life.  

I'm generalizing a bit of course.  

I call myself an interior designer, but I get called a decorator all the time.  If you don't have an ego about it, who cares?  I know I'm not a decorator, my clients know what I am capable of, that is all that matters.

Mar 11, 14 4:38 pm

Thank you for the advice. I knew I had to be mistaken. The program at Santa Monica college seems like a great intro to ID. I will check it out. After a year and a half I'll plan to transfer to a BA or an MA (I already have a non design BA). 


So you recommend learning as much CAD as I can? There are two programs within the SMC ID program, one is set design which I'm not interested in and the other is CAD production and design which offer all the really advanced CAD courses. Would you recommend that? 

Last how is the market in ID? Is it as bad as architecture? I hear that ID is fairing better? 

Aug 12, 14 7:10 pm

Hey Everyone,

I'm currently rounding up my BSc Architecture in a school in Nigeria. I am caught in between furthering in Interior Architecture or Architecture. I find "Interior design" very interesting and stimulating and i see myself doing it long term. But based on my Bachelors Degree, completing Architecture (though uninteresting) will earn me a licence.

In my country, The Architect most times assume the work of the Interior Architect and Landscape Architect, giving him an edge over the Interior Architect And also in order to get a licence, you would need to complete The full  Architectural Program

Based on field experience,Is it wise to complete the Architectural process and then come back for a Masters degree in Interior Architecture or just Master in Interior Architecture and completely risk working in my country?

Aug 12, 14 8:07 pm

You can design interior architecture with a normal bachelor or masters, why would you get a separate degree or go for just interior? That's pointless. Just get a masters or bachelors in architecture.

Dec 12, 15 2:15 am

More likely they're a recent graduate who hasn't begun the licensure process yet so hasn't become immersed in the distinctions, as many interiors programs are calling themselves 'Interior Architecture', and are not actually accredited architecture programs at all. It definitely confuses licensure discussions for sure, and I wish they wouldn't do it, but I get the reasoning behind it.

Dec 30, 15 11:52 am

can someone help with an interior design student brief i have

Non Sequitur
Dec 30, 15 3:08 pm

^how hard is it to pick colours?

Dec 31, 15 7:39 am

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers an M.Arch in Interior Architecture, as well as an M.Arch in normal architecture. Application deadline is in 15 days :p

Jan 22, 16 1:41 pm

Thank you for the advice. But, you can design interior construction with a normal bachelors, why would you get another degree or go for just interior?

Non Sequitur
Jan 22, 16 2:11 pm

You don't need a degree to pick paint colours.

Jan 24, 16 9:47 pm

This has in turn increased the scope of the profession and led many interior designers to becoming more involved with architectural and technical aspects of interior design, and take away with the decorative, soft equipment side. There have been a number of factors over the last few decades that have increased the ambiguity of these titles, including the improvement of interior design education.

Mar 22, 16 3:58 pm
  • This must be late, but I need to be choosing my subjects for the final exams in year 11 and I wanna do interior architecture, and Im just wandering what subjects you chose. Thats all 
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