Harvard Career Discovery & GSD Admissions

Jun 24 '07 8 Last Comment
Jun 24, 07 1:51 am

Does anyone know if attending Harvard's Career Discovery program would have any effect on admission into the Graduate School of Design? Any thoughts/comments about the program?


Jun 24, 07 12:38 pm

It seems that for people who have no previous experience in architecture, career disco can be a good opportunity for the student to build a portfolio and show some skills.

A number of people at the gsd have previously done career disco.

Jun 24, 07 12:39 pm

I think the program can be very intense (depends on the student), it's certainly a good intro to what normal architecture studio is like.

Jun 24, 07 12:45 pm

A career in disco??? Where do I sign up?

Jun 24, 07 1:34 pm

Did someone say disco????

vado retro
Jun 24, 07 1:51 pm

did someone say DiScO???

Jun 24, 07 3:55 pm

Didn't you ask this same question last week?

Go to the next page for the responses.....

Jun 24, 07 3:56 pm

here you will recognize it I am sure

Jun 24, 07 4:31 pm
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