Oscar Niemeyer

Jun 15 '07 10 Last Comment
Jun 15, 07 6:14 pm

While you're out drinking tonight, raise a glass to Oscar who turns 99.5 today. At that age every half year counts.

As a side note...

Vigoda is Niemeyer, Niemeyer is Vigoda?


Jun 15, 07 6:16 pm

goddamnit. just click on the links, i'm too damn stupid to figure this crap out.

point is, they're the same person.

Jun 15, 07 6:53 pm

fuckin'a - i din even know he was still kicking...


Jun 15, 07 6:57 pm

"Oscar Niemeyer weener" joke here

Jun 15, 07 6:57 pm
Jun 15, 07 7:37 pm

Oscar actually saw the completion of an new project in Rio this year....can you imagine...99 and still cranking away!

brian buchalski
Jun 15, 07 8:51 pm

yeah heks still cranking away...just like paris hilton is still in jail. helllooooo peoppplllle

Sarah Lorenzen
Jun 15, 07 9:29 pm

I don't understand why he has not won the Pritzker Prize.
Hopefully someone nominates him this year.

Sarah Lorenzen
Jun 15, 07 9:32 pm

Oops my mistake. He actually did win the Pritzker in 1988.

David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Jun 16, 07 4:14 pm

Oskah is dah man. When I grow up I want to be just like him

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