12" Smoke Drop

Sep 28 '12 3 Last Comment
Sep 28, 12 5:28 pm

Hello All,

I'm a junior architect at a small firm. When doing an apartment renovation, we often design a kitchenette to have a 12" non-combustible smoke drop.

Can anyone point me to where any law or codes specifically mandate this? I have looked through the MDL and the NYC Building Codes and I can't seem to find it. 



Sep 28, 12 9:07 pm

It is in the Interior Environments Chapter of the Building Code. I think that is Chapter 12, towards the end. 

Sep 29, 12 10:57 am

Sahar caught it - although I think that part of the code only applies when there is more than one family occupying the dwelling unit (apartment).

Sep 29, 12 4:30 pm

Apurimac may be right. It is commonly referred to as a smoke soffit, so I can see it not being required in 1-2 family buildings. I would refer to code to confirm that. I work primarily in multi-family where it is standard. I think HPD also requires this feature in their design guidelines.

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