Impact of the Dean on a graduate program

Sep 14 '12 4 Last Comment
Sep 14, 12 2:13 pm

Would anyone care to discuss how much real impact the Dean has on an architecture graduate program?

I've kind of gathered (perhaps incorrectly) that they personally compose the overall themes to be explored in the school curriculum & studios, but beyond that... should I expect to absorb any of their personal 'aesthetic' when I attend grad school?


Sep 16, 12 10:46 pm

they call the final shots on how the school is run, what faculty is hired, etc.  They can move the school forward or set it back a couple of decades.

Sep 17, 12 5:31 pm

The dean controls the checkbook, everything else falls in line after that.

Sep 19, 12 12:46 pm

thanks for the replies.


James PettyJames Petty
Sep 22, 12 9:04 pm

Totally depends on the school. At Yale, Stern keeps a tight grip on everyone, but in a really good way. He's most interested in diversity of thoughts and ideas, so he makes sure to bring in professors, lecturers and students of vastly different backgrounds to encourage the discourse. If he wasnt so personally interested in diversity, im sure the school wouldnt be. 

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