Examples of MArch I Portfolio

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Paul A. Zamorano
Aug 2, 12 10:40 pm

I would  like to see examples of portfolios that got  accepted to Harvard's GSD MArch I program or any other MArch I programs?

Can anyone help?


I would like to see examples of those that don't have design background.




Aug 3, 12 12:19 pm

Background: graduated '11 with a bachelors in urban planning. 

Accepted in University of Cincinnati's mArch I program beginning this fall. 

Aug 3, 12 1:08 pm

Sorry, messed up the link. Proper link is here:

Paul A. Zamorano
Aug 4, 12 11:51 pm

Thanks for the link!

Sep 10, 12 3:10 pm

One of those is a 56 page portfolio.  Isn't that completely overkill?  All of my profs have said to not exceed 20 pages and even that may be too much.  I guess it did get them into some great schools...

Oct 14, 12 2:58 pm

Bump.  Seems like M. Arch 1 with no professional design background are extremely rare, which makes me wonder how many of them actually exist or are successful getting into good programs.  All these schools SAY they encourage people with different backgrounds to apply, but I wonder how many actually are able to get in given the limited experience and knowledge.


Also, a lot of the portfolio and application advice I find doesn't apply to those of us with absolutely zero background.  It's kind of discouraging.

Oct 14, 12 7:52 pm

Based on my current experience in graduate school now, there are a bunch of people with non-architecture backgrounds - maybe 1/3rd of the class. I know that's true at at least one other top school as well.

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