what style is this 1916 house?

Jul 9 '12 11 Last Comment
Jul 9, 12 6:12 pm

saw this house and I'm curious what the architectural style is.


Jul 9, 12 7:00 pm

Sort of Federal Style.  Sorta.

Kevin W.Kevin W.
Jul 9, 12 7:01 pm



Steven WardSteven Ward
Jul 9, 12 7:26 pm

wedding cake

Justin Ather Maud
Jul 9, 12 9:45 pm

tropical federal.

Jul 9, 12 9:55 pm

Be serious guys.

It's vinyl corinthian. 

Erik Evens (EKE)
Jul 9, 12 10:13 pm

It's been badly remodeled over the years. Probably was a builder's craftsman originally. "several" is a pretty good answer.

Jul 11, 12 11:36 pm

do you think the brick is original?

Jul 12, 12 11:37 am

Also definitely elements of Victorian styling - in the (double) corbelled cornice, the roof line, the bay entrance... 

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Jul 12, 12 1:53 pm

Probably the original question needs to be answered with a question: why, rkba, do you need to define the appearance of this house with a Style name?  It's so eclectic (which is also a Style when written with a capital E) that it could be described accurately in many different ways depending on your end goal.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jul 13, 12 1:12 pm

Federal Georgian Nouveau, of course.

Jul 13, 12 4:05 pm

Vernacular.  That house is a product of all of the various people who have lived in it and updated it to their own tastes a little bit at a time.

I like wedding cake better.  I think they turned that into a vodka.

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