Inside the phoenix podcast: this week

May 17 '12 2 Last Comment
Warren Wade Anderson
May 17, 12 10:58 pm

Hey Everybody,


This week on the podcast, Emmy nominated Filmmaker John Carluccio.  Visit the website:  If you like it, please go to the facebook link and click on "like it" or go to itunes and subscribe to the podcast:


Warren Wade Anderson.


May 17, 12 11:43 pm


Donna SinkDonna Sink
May 18, 12 2:18 pm

I'm really proud that I can call myself an architect, but the podcast guest list makes me feel like it's not enough…I want to be called something like  "Freedom Fighter turned Architect Donna Sink" or "Donna Sink, Architect and Raconteur".  <sigh>  Guess I better get busy doing cool things besides architecture, eh?

Looking forward to listening to some of these!

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