is genius loci important for any architectural space?

May 11 '12 6 Last Comment
May 11, 12 5:51 am

genius loci ; 'spirit of place' explored most notably by the theorist Christian Norberq-Schulzin his book, Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture.


May 11, 12 9:39 am

Haven't heard that term since school.

So to answer your question, it's a very very important term, until it becomes very unimportant.

May 11, 12 10:04 am

i guess if its an architectural space, yes. if its just a structure/ facility, no.


Justin Ather Maud
May 12, 12 11:56 am

It's important for an architectural project, but not for a construction project.

May 12, 12 1:39 pm

Christian Norgerg Shultz : A blast from the past!

May 12, 12 10:46 pm

I cannot think of a single circumstance where it is not important.  In fact, if you can successfully create a sense of place within your space, it might be considered successful.

May 13, 12 12:50 am
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