ideas on how a start up NYC architecture firm can get their name out in the public to attact business?

May 6 '12 5 Last Comment
May 6, 12 11:51 pm

Talent and ambition gets you just so far.  Need clients to keep the doors open.


May 7, 12 12:53 am

aka:  no good ideas.

May 7, 12 1:34 pm

Gorilla marketing?  I don't know how many potential clients spend time at the Bronx zoo.  Better to strap some signs on them and release them into the streets of Manhattan.  That'll get your name out in the public for sure.

wurdan freo
May 7, 12 1:46 pm

Listen to someone who has already been very successful in NYC. For example.

wurdan freo
May 7, 12 1:48 pm

The "baloney" section specifically speaks to bootstrapped marketing.

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