document management software for construction projects

Apr 28 '12 8 Last Comment
Apr 28, 12 5:27 pm

Hello all,

What do y'all use for document management / drawing sharing with others in the project team inc client and contractors...? I am specifically in interested in finding out about online products that teams use for collaboration and even a bit of project management....? 

I've asked this question before sometime ago and am wondering if things have since developed... 

Many thanks,



wurdan freo
Apr 30, 12 10:47 am

checkout "submittal exchange". 

Apr 30, 12 11:45 pm


Such a pity that our profession generally uses antiquated-feeling stuff like Constructware and Buzzsaw. I use Basecamp for my freelance gigs, and love it. Clients love it too.

Sam WatkinsSam Watkins
Jan 23, 14 9:09 am

We use Newforma. The interface is a little dated, but it works pretty well and keeps e-mail in a central place while merging duplicates. I'm not sure how expensive it is but I have a feeling it isn't cheap. I think the tipping point came when a state law from a couple years ago required archiving communications for public work.

Nov 14, 14 4:53 am

Correct decision for use online construction software. Use Web based Construction management software

Saint in the City
Nov 14, 14 5:12 am

Are we talking about sharing drawing files?  Or are we talking about

managing the construction process?

Mar 26, 15 6:16 am

We are using Dropbox and Vendom.

Mar 28, 15 7:23 am

Submittall exchange is nice, but expensive I think.

There is  also Procore

Mar 31, 15 12:20 pm

I'm surprised no one has mentioned plangrid yet. Seems to be popular with contractors.

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