document management software for construction projects

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Apr 28, 12 5:27 pm

Hello all,

What do y'all use for document management / drawing sharing with others in the project team inc client and contractors...? I am specifically in interested in finding out about online products that teams use for collaboration and even a bit of project management....? 

I've asked this question before sometime ago and am wondering if things have since developed... 

Many thanks,



wurdan freo
Apr 30, 12 10:47 am

checkout "submittal exchange". 

Apr 30, 12 11:45 pm


Such a pity that our profession generally uses antiquated-feeling stuff like Constructware and Buzzsaw. I use Basecamp for my freelance gigs, and love it. Clients love it too.

Jan 28, 13 4:16 am

We use a project management software called Latitude, it has a web interface in its package. You can check the software as we find it very easy to collaborate with our projects, document sharing, timesheets, tasks management, work types, billing, quotes and reports.

Aug 29, 13 10:18 pm

i usually manage my document by  this one.You can have a look.i found it's really useful.

Jan 21, 14 6:22 am

You could try out for free.

Sam WatkinsSam Watkins
Jan 23, 14 9:09 am

We use Newforma. The interface is a little dated, but it works pretty well and keeps e-mail in a central place while merging duplicates. I'm not sure how expensive it is but I have a feeling it isn't cheap. I think the tipping point came when a state law from a couple years ago required archiving communications for public work.

Mar 31, 14 2:17 am

i'd like to share this document management software, it is working great for me to save my time and improve effeciency.

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