CAD map of NYC

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Aug 29, 06 8:05 am

does anyone happen to have a CAD map of NYC? We need something as a reference for a studio project...



Chase Dammtor
Sep 3, 07 9:38 am

i'm looking for this too. only found a bunch of SHP files of everything, but i don't have anything that will convert those to DWGs.

Sep 3, 07 10:03 am

sent you an email...

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Sep 3, 07 10:11 am

i have all 5 boroughs, but the other way to get it is at:

*.ai files export to *.dwg in Illustrator

have a 3d model of Manhatten as well, if needed.

Chase Dammtor
Sep 3, 07 12:19 pm

hey, can't quite figure out your link - they dont seem to have anything in illustrator format.

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Sep 3, 07 1:15 pm

i think its been changed since the last time i downloaded something from (3 years ago??)

this should work

Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Sep 3, 07 1:17 pm

now AI CSII and V11 might not work, I know AI V 10 and CSI work for conversion...

last resort just email me and I'll give a link to download in CAD format (2007)...the files are huge

Sep 3, 07 2:23 pm

my file is too big to email (35mb)...ideas?

its only of manhattan, so you might not want it anyway.

Chase Dammtor
Sep 3, 07 3:31 pm

oh thanks justavisual, but i need brooklyn!

Mar 15, 08 12:40 pm

meta - just sent you an email on this...

Jun 5, 08 11:41 pm

hey, i'm looking for the same: CAD and 3d maps. anyone?

Jun 5, 08 11:47 pm

why doesn't archinect set up an online archive of useful things like this?

1) cad maps of cities
2) cad blocks
3) photoshop entourage

Jun 6, 08 12:03 am

that would be not only helpful but marketable

Jan 16, 10 9:56 pm

just been searching for manhattan maps and dug this back up, does anyone have .dwgs of this area (since I dont have GIS)? that will be MUCH appreciated! thanks!

Jan 17, 10 2:08 pm

i think its posted on the website
if you can locate the shape files (.SHP), you can convert it to dwg with FME (its a 14 day evaluation,

Jan 18, 10 2:36 am
Jan 18, 10 2:57 am

oops didnt see gonads response

Jan 18, 10 11:24 am

thanks, guys.

May 27, 10 12:31 pm

Could i get that file too. There are large file sharing websites like megaupload, rapidshare, dropbox, and yousendit that can host the file for sharing.


Aug 2, 10 5:55 pm

Hey everyone, I need a CAD or vector map of NYC too—but specifically for the building footprints in Manhattan and the defining bodies of water surrounding. (and the other boroughs if possible). I do not need streets, parks, etc.

Additionally, I need building footprint maps for the following cities if anyone has them:

Los Angeles
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Sao Paulo
San Francisco


Feb 3, 12 11:49 am

hey everybody I searched everywhere on internet for The Bronx map in vector/CAD form I am not able to find anything. Could someone please help

Aug 2, 12 11:48 am

Hey everybody.  I know it has been awhile since this conversation took place but is there anyone who has a detailed DWG of the 5 boroughs in CAD format?

Cody CampbellCody Campbell
Sep 28, 12 6:21 pm

Sir Arthur, 

i am looking for a CAD drawing of Manhattan.  Can you point me to one?  thanks.

Jan 21, 13 1:19 pm

hello all, I came across this forum also searching for a DWG. The one posted above is pretty decent and includes all 5 boros however its not quite as accurate as the following, which is for now of Manhattan only (plus the perimeter shorelines of NJ and BK)

the last post on this page of the forum contains a link that will start an automatic download. its a rather large file which is why I haven't reposted it elsewhere. 

I agree with nb072 above, we should find a way to contact archinect and see if they can't create a resources section as I'm sure many could use this amongst other helpful files and it'd clean up the forums quite a bit. Further a centrally located DWG could be updated by many over time and ultimately include all boros - each contributing their sites to slowly build it up. For now all my sites are in Manhattan but in the future I'll return here if I end up drawing details in BK and so on, and attach an updated file. 

Apr 3, 13 11:21 am


can anybody send me the cad map of NYC please?


Parisa mansourianParisa mansourian
Sep 12, 13 2:02 pm

Hi allllll,

I need the cad map too, and really appreciate if any one can email it to me!

The links above are not working any more and its a while Im looking for it:(


Andrew Hite
Nov 6, 13 9:15 pm

I'm also looking for a cad map of manhattan
any help would be great

Jan 8, 14 6:22 pm


I followed all the links on and the website that was originally hosting it no longer exist, so I can't figure out a way to download it. 

If anyone knows of a location of this file it would be greatly beneficial to my thesis. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Apr 25, 14 3:36 am



this post ist already a few years old thus most links do not exist anymore. I am currently finishing my master degree and my thesis is a waterfront museum in Brooklyn. I really need .ai or .dwg plans for that...

Can anyone help please?


Thank you very much in advance!!!




Olaf Design Ninja_
Apr 25, 14 11:04 pm

here you go - all 5 boroughs, blocks and street, not lots...DWG





Staten Island

May 1, 14 8:19 am

Wow Olaf! That is great! Thank you so much!

I really appreciate your help!!!

If you happen to have streets and building footprints of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn I would love to have those too..

Thank you so much. I hope I can return the favour at some point!

Best Pat

Arth Shah
Aug 9, 14 7:50 am

Thanks Olaf...... It is such a great.... It will help me so much in urban research...... Thank you again.....


Olaf Design Ninja_
Aug 9, 14 8:01 am

Pink Patrick and Arth another Archinect thread posted this website

The DXF files can be opened in CAD and saved as DWG and they show all the building

so between the block map with streets and the BDON website you can assemble the entire thing.
Oct 3, 14 9:26 am

Thank you Olaf, I'm starting my thesis on the city of NYC and those links are very useful! 

Do you know where I could find a 3D model of Manhattan? 

Best - /Q

Olaf Design Ninja_
Oct 3, 14 7:06 pm

Email me

Jan 6, 15 1:11 am

Thanks! Olaf! 

Jan 6, 15 8:17 pm

I think Bronx is corrupted and is there a way to get the union city file aswell.?

Apr 25, 15 5:29 pm

Olaf! Your DWG of Manhattan really helps me a lot! I'm now startng to design  a high rise as  master project in Manhattan. Could you please send to me also the 3D models per Email? thanks!!!!!!!!

Apr 13, 16 4:05 pm

antonela_10_7@hotmail dwg of Manhattan please !!!

Apr 13, 16 4:05 pm
Non Sequitur
Apr 13, 16 4:08 pm

Apr 27, 16 11:25 am

Hi Olaf. I'm trying to download your dwg of Queens posted on april25, 2014, but it doesn't work. Could you please send me it by email to Thank you!!

John O'SheaJohn O'Shea
Apr 27, 16 4:44 pm

I have the DWG of all 5 boroughs in one file.  It is over 230 MB so dropbox or similar would be needed to download.  Can some one let me know if there is a better way to share the file?

May 1, 16 11:52 am


I'm an architect student looking for a cad file of Manhattan for a project I'm working on. I've tried various links found online which have not been much help. If someone could send me the file to my drop box: that would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

May 26, 16 12:44 pm

Hi everyone !!

I also need a cad fil of Manhattan for a project. It would be perfect if it could include not only streets but also buildings footprints. If someone can help me :

Thanks in advance : ) 

Jul 1, 16 10:10 am

Hello Everyone,

I am an architecture student working on my thesis taking place in Lower Manhattan. I have been looking everywhere (without much luck) for a 3D file of lower Manhattan along with the the Topography. If anyone has any information or files that would help, please email at

I would really appreciate the help! Thank you!

Aug 7, 16 6:33 pm

Here you can find some free vector maps of different cities and countries and also buy some, not so expensive!

Dec 7, 16 12:42 pm

Anyone have a cad file of the Bronx Borough displaying the topo mapping and features?


Please and THanks

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