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Hi guys,

I have been on the hunt for some project management software (web or locally based) that could help manage an Architectural company of around 250 people with a couple of offices world wide.

I have not had luck finding many good programs at all - I found one or 2 programs specifically designed for Architectural offices that weren't so good, and then a lot more that were too general..

I was wondering if the members here that work for larger offices could share what kind of systems they use, what kind of features they have - and possibly give me some links, ideas .. I have set out to have such a system custom programmed and an idea of what existing companies use would help "inspire" features that the software might have..

Any info would be appreciated ! :)

Jun 25, 06 4:13 pm

Have you tried Microsoft Project?

Jun 25, 06 6:13 pm
some person

A firm I worked for 4 years ago (120 employees) used Sema4 with apparently much success.

I'm not sure how the software has evolved since, however.

Jun 25, 06 6:18 pm

: are you looking for "scheduling" software or "job cost accounting" software ?

Sema4 was acquired a while back by Deltek Systems ... I doubt that Deltek will continue to support Sema4 for very long.

If you are looking for job cost accounting and financial management software, I recommend that you take a look at Deltek Vision.

Jun 25, 06 6:32 pm

and ... I can't imagine why you would want to undertake a custom programming effort ... that's a massive and expensive undertaking and will have no end of support issues.

Jun 25, 06 6:33 pm

I'm looking for total management software
Document versioning, CAD file review (review dwg with a tablet pc, then the new layer with remarks is automatically put into Autocad), Accounting related to project, Correspondances oriented around projects, Scheduling oriented around projects plus actions possible, to do lists, time tracking, file archiving, scheduled printing etc.etc.

Jun 25, 06 6:37 pm

well ... that's quite a diverse challenge ... can't say that i've ever seen any package that tries to do all of that.

good luck ... let us know what you find

Jun 25, 06 6:40 pm
Jun 25, 06 8:35 pm

several larger gc's use constructware. it provides everything you are looking for (except a built it scheduling function). I find the document control via their file director to be a fantastic tool. We use it for extensive MEP coordination exercises and I think it would work well for architects as well.

Jun 26, 06 7:46 am

For design team co-ordination and one site works we use thrid party software administerted by external specialists. The contractor or the client pays on a project by project basis. Large projects only.

Jun 26, 06 9:26 am

Any other links, suggestions, anything :) ?

Jun 29, 06 5:14 pm

Has anyone here actually USED archioffice? I've been curious about it.

Jun 29, 06 5:18 pm

it doesnt look so good to be honest :\

Jun 29, 06 5:19 pm

What makes you say that? Can you be specific? I've been looking for something for awhile, too.

Jun 29, 06 5:24 pm

Im not sure, it just seems too general and doesnt have many specifically architectural document managament features, review etc.

Jun 29, 06 5:52 pm

This one looks hot although i'm not sure how well it's integrated with windows apps, but it looks like it makes good use of OS X

Jun 29, 06 6:34 pm

seems very similar to basecamp .... hot but kind of generalised

Jun 29, 06 7:10 pm

I have tried a couple of project management software. I started with Microsoft Project but I found it too hard to learn and the cost would run into thousand of dollars when you implement it for a big team. I have also looked at e-project, PromptPM, Primavera. PromptPM have just launched their beta site (, check them out as they may be willing to customize according to your requirement.


Sep 19, 06 1:22 pm

Here's another company/software - recommended by a friend/ Dont know how good it is, but he seemed impressed.

Sep 19, 06 5:22 pm

 I like it

You can manage projects, share files, and draw with collaborators.

Cosketch is amazing tool.

Aug 28, 12 6:20 am
Tony Marcou

Hello friends,

Project management software is a term covering many types of software, including estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems, which are used to deal with the complexity of large projects.

Best regards
Tony Marcou

Sep 18, 12 2:03 pm

Most project management software sucks. This one doesn't:

Sep 18, 12 4:27 pm


Sep 19, 12 12:07 am

Newforma isn't project management software. It's document and file management software. There's a big difference between those things, and if you try to use Newforma as a PM/PPM tool it won't work (I've been using Newforma for almost 10 years now).

Sep 19, 12 12:32 pm

My bad... I was responding to the criteria in Adelz posts, which Newforma handles well.

Sep 20, 12 10:58 am

The original poster here asked about AE software for a firm with 250 employees. The question was asked years ago, but it's still relevant. 

There are only a handful of options for high-end Project Management and Accounting AE software for that size of firm.  As another commenter pointed out, Deltek bought many of them like Sema4, meaning often that firms were forced into an upgrade they didn't want or use unsupported software. 

That created an opportunity, so we stepped up and built an AE software company (Clearview) with one offering called InFocus for PM, accounting, billing, etc. It's got the power of Vision with a better user experience (if we may say so ourselves) and a much easier to swallow pricetag. Several hundred firms run it now with good success.

Jan 17, 13 4:56 pm


I suggest you try this. I hope It can help.

Thank you

Feb 19, 13 9:50 pm

I would like to discuss one of the management software which allows you to manage the whole task of construction and here you can manage the things well like customer records, Supplier information in well organized manner.

Building Construction Softwarelast planner system

Feb 20, 13 6:05 am

This tool (new) has many document handling features which would work for architectural design or such companies

Feb 28, 13 5:43 pm

ProjectNote by far is the best! It functions like a digital project binder and it does everything you're looking for and more! It's affordable (like under $1,000.00 and no subscription fees), easy to use, and allows multiple users. There are 3 versions currently available (AE for Architects and Engineers, FM for Facility Managers, and GC for General Contractors). It also has templates for Change Order Request Logs, etc... Emails, submittals, drawings, Autocad files, videos; you name it, you can store it in ProjectNote! You can download a free demo below!!!! It will seriously make your like 100 times easier (especially with managing ALL project information). Our office uses it every single day!

Oct 11, 13 10:38 pm

Have you tried or Zoho? They are great CRM software for managing architecture projects! 

May 15, 14 3:51 pm

Hi guys,

I am not a professional architect but in my experience the most valuable project management system for me was Comindware Project. It is just right not too complicated and has a convenient user interface.

Jan 30, 15 11:23 am

Anyone tried Basestone? More of a mark up and review tool. Also does anyone use Slack and Trello for project management?

Oct 9, 15 4:16 am

The software of is more focused on civil engineering, but I think you could easily customize it for architectural projects

Mar 16, 17 10:16 am

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