i need help finding a project!

Mar 6 '12 5 Last Comment
Greg MerkelGreg Merkel
Mar 6, 12 8:53 pm

it is a garage door (i believe) that does something similar to this chair


any ideas?


Phillip CrosbyPhillip Crosby
Mar 6, 12 9:38 pm

it is a santiago calatrava project, but i can't think of the name off the top of my head... early project... some sort of warehouse... with those clues and google you should be able to find it...

Mar 7, 12 6:14 am

Calatrava - Ernstings Warehouse


Phillip CrosbyPhillip Crosby
Mar 7, 12 7:43 am

yep... that one... i knocked that of way back in my 3rd year design studio!

Mar 7, 12 10:08 am

yup. thats it. awesome. Thank you.

For some reason i was thinking it was done in Corten which through me way off.

Phillip CrosbyPhillip Crosby
Mar 7, 12 10:33 am

the corten thing you're thinking of might be herzog + de meuron's signal box... although it is actually copper...

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