Gutter Interns???

Mar 8 '06 17 Last Comment
Mar 8, 06 2:51 pm

I saw this posting looking for interns on the Gutter today saying that they were looking for interns. Is it for real? Anyone got the inside track? And who would be my boss anyway??


Mar 8, 06 3:03 pm

Wow. Thanks a lot, rite. I'm gonna send in my CV right now...

John JourdenJohn Jourden
Mar 8, 06 3:40 pm

The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place at Bleecker Street

sounds like a joke

Mar 8, 06 4:32 pm

I wondered why they dropped the La Guardia address, do they base themselves out of the Center for Architecture? Sounds kinda shady to me.

Mar 9, 06 11:11 am

I emailed the Guttersniper and he responded right away. I have an interview set up. It's for real. Watch out!

Mar 9, 06 5:39 pm

Yes, I can assure you, it is all too real.

Mar 9, 06 6:03 pm

but sniper, why do you need an intern? doesn't your job just consist of libel-coating stolen headlines from archinect?

Mar 9, 06 6:06 pm

And ANN. Don't forget about ANN.

Mar 9, 06 6:07 pm

at least you credit ann...

Mar 9, 06 8:19 pm

Well, you know, Kristen Richards is fun.

(IN) Theory
Mar 9, 06 9:17 pm

you're a sellout sniper. pushing your friend kristen richards let-down-news site. with her boyfriend's bogus search engine gizmo which doesn't differnate what good and bad content is. I bet she doesn't even read a 1/3 of the articles she posts on archnewsnow. what a joke.

Mar 9, 06 9:24 pm

the sniper likes to push philip nobel too... but does that make him a sell-out or a narcissist??

seriously, if you think kristen and her ANN is fun...

Mar 9, 06 10:36 pm

poor sniper.... it's going to be hard to josh on stararchitects for abusing interns when you are seeking a few...

/in heavily landmined eastern Sri Lanka, wish you were here.

liberty bell
Mar 9, 06 10:48 pm

LOL Cameron - and please be careful, hon.

Mason White
Mar 10, 06 2:57 am

the real question is what would the qualifications be?
how nobel could you be and yet still be a dumb arch? what criteria is needed to participate in snipeage or "shooting at exposed individuals from an usually concealed point of vantage"?
call me philip or call me snide, but i dont see how the rite man (or woman, of course) would know how to hide...

Mar 10, 06 10:47 am


(IN) Theory
Mar 10, 06 11:12 am

nobel ain't rite, but nobel is right

Vladimir Pootin
Mar 27, 06 5:25 pm

and now this in Archlog? Theory into Law?

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