Gifts for architects

Mar 2 '06 38 Last Comment
Mar 2, 06 5:54 am

crushed blueprint paperweight

blueprint tie



Mar 2, 06 5:56 am

Business Card case

Mar 2, 06 6:06 am

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Pewter
six ounce flask

Mar 2, 06 6:09 am
Mar 2, 06 6:12 am

Architect working in studio

Mar 2, 06 6:13 am

and something for the ladies

drafting tools chocolates

Mar 2, 06 7:06 am
Mar 2, 06 7:07 am

this one just in case -

David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Mar 2, 06 5:58 pm

who uses blueprints anymore aren't they supposed to be bad for the environment? And can I get those in metric for my architect-buddies in the uk/eu??

Mar 2, 06 9:22 pm

does anyone know of a visually clean industrial designish jewlery company
i want a nice looking belt buckle so i can flex at crits

Mar 2, 06 9:48 pm

Well, there's Konzuk, but they don't have belt buckles. There are also some really neat titanium rings/wedding bands at the jewelry store across the street from where I live; I'll have to ask who manufactures them.

Mar 2, 06 9:55 pm

Ryan, your name looked familiar so I took a look at your site. I once worked at the Design Assistance Center! And I also attended OSU!

some person
Mar 2, 06 11:19 pm
Mar 2, 06 11:50 pm

For the Architecture Students on your list:

Soap & Water.


Dec 7, 07 12:06 am

I needed to resurrect this thread. Anyone have any great gift ideas for architect or designer buddies that aren't cliche or overpriced?

Dec 7, 07 12:08 am

a kick ass mouse

Dec 7, 07 2:11 am

to take your mind off of problems at the office how about a rousing game of beer pong?

(for ages 3 and up)

Dec 7, 07 2:21 am
Steven WardSteven Ward
Dec 7, 07 6:39 am

frank lloyd wright books, of course. silly question.

Dec 7, 07 7:54 am


My friend got like three for graduation once,..because people didn;t know what to give him.

I assume everyone on archinect has received multiple frank lloyd wright books at some point in their life form unsuspecting family member

Dec 7, 07 8:08 am

why are the chocolates "for the ladies"? i'm a guy and i eat chocolate.

Dec 7, 07 10:25 am


Dec 7, 07 10:27 am


Dec 7, 07 10:30 am


Dec 7, 07 12:04 pm

oh the FLW books are a must!

the best was when my aunt gave me the "FLW in pop-up"
try to keep a straight face when someone hands you that.

Dec 7, 07 12:19 pm

i once got an 'architecture puzzle' meant for 5-10 year olds [me, thirties]. it had different boards with drawings of buildings on them and you were supposed to put them together and presto, architecture. i sent it to a local charity. could not even muster a smile when i got it.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Dec 7, 07 12:55 pm

my mother gave me the flw popup... just a couple of yrs ago.

Dec 7, 07 1:00 pm

I received the FLW popup as a gift a few years ago. It was much more appreciated than a run of the mill FLW book would have been. I also have a FLW coloring book. Both make for fun conversation pieces.

Dec 7, 07 1:15 pm

a friend gave me this pop up as a graduation gift....i was surprised to see the guggenheim bilbao in there as a pop up...

Dec 7, 07 1:26 pm

i wish someone could buy me some sleep.


David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Dec 7, 07 1:30 pm

get me some cad monkeys please

Dec 7, 07 1:40 pm

I'm graduating in a few days. I'm just glad my best friend's big brother is a dentist. That way I'll have somewhere else to forward all the subscriptions to Architectural Digest that I'm sure I'll be getting for graduation/Christmas.

Dec 7, 07 2:18 pm
nervous systems

jewellery is pretty gorgeous, silicone rubber and stainless steel and stuff. good for the nerd/aesthete lady crossover. (ditto paraphernalia but i think that's a different kind of nerd.)

Dec 7, 07 5:47 pm

anything from this thread

Dec 7, 07 8:57 pm

I got agree with carbide

Nervous System jewelry is a must

(I am not biased in any way)

Dec 8, 07 5:16 am

ha! it's nice to be caught out while saying nice things/revealing my wishlist. usually only happens when i'm being mean.

liberty bell
Dec 8, 07 8:27 am

Speaking of jewelry, I've been longing for this cork cuff for awhile now.

I also need a cad monkey, well really someone who can make Sketch-Up look cool. But I need that gift before Christmas - Winter Solstice gift, perhaps?

May 14, 14 8:46 am

A Swiss-made digital caliper by Brown and Sharpe for less than $200. Also consider antique drafting tool sets by K&E or Richter (on eBay for about $50).

May 14, 14 8:57 am

Tools... Preferably expensive power tools; table saw, hammer drill, et cetera

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