PMP Certification?

Feb 28 '06 3 Last Comment
Feb 28, 06 6:54 am

Project Managers - Have you earned your Project Management Professional Credntentials and Certification?

Visit for Instructor Led and Corporate PMP Training

Visit for Self Paced PMP Exam Prep


job job
Feb 28, 06 7:01 am

i've got my Readysteadygo hall pass from Flatworld.

and a red belt in drunken-contractor tai-pro

why not buy ad space from archinect? it's fun!

Feb 28, 06 11:48 am

When someone comes out with a way to 'certify', or 'license' your's time to change the name of your profession.

That book cover is really inspiring. Viva Las Tony Robbins clones!

Feb 28, 06 11:58 am

I have my P-I-M-P certification...

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