fast help please

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libyan architect
Nov 21, 05 12:31 pm

I need 3d zoning for institute of cancer (cancer hospital teaching) or what it call medical centre of cancer i need any plans any function zones


Nov 21, 05 12:47 pm

My God, they found me. I dont know how but they found me. RUNN!!!!

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 1:00 pm

Still can't remember your password, evil platypus?

Nov 21, 05 1:15 pm

c'mon now, you laughed a little

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 1:25 pm

Giggles aplenty here, plat. Just checking in on your name status.

Libyan, your query is confusing - can you clarify?

Nov 21, 05 1:32 pm

I still cant get this dam name thing straight - some one here where I work either re-did my password and login or hacker maybe? I dont know.

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 1:48 pm

Maybe you should rename yourself happyplatypus - we all know you're really a sweetheart despite your grumpy archinect rantings...

Nov 21, 05 2:10 pm

you trying to butter me up or just rang my bell?

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 2:14 pm

I just find the name "." annoying as hell.

So wait, maybe that's part of your masterplan evilp! MWahahahaha...

Nov 21, 05 2:33 pm

i actually think . is kinda cute. much cuter than one might imagine an evil platypus to be.

Nov 21, 05 2:41 pm

it'll bite your head off man

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 3:58 pm

The duckbilled platypus is the only mammal that bears young by laying an egg. And the plural of platypus sounds like something most men want but no man wants to be called.

So maybe . is an OK handle after all.

I propose that this thread now beats out the lordship one for stupidest thread ever.

brian buchalski
Nov 21, 05 4:10 pm

wait, what's the plural of platypus?

Nov 21, 05 4:13 pm

i believe it is platypuses.

A Center for Ants?
Nov 21, 05 4:48 pm

platypi. just cause it's more fun to say.

and liberty bell-
the spiny anteater also is a mammal that lays eggs. but "evil spiny anteater" just doesn't have the same ring.

liberty bell
Nov 21, 05 4:51 pm

But an evil spiny anteater sounds hella more scary than an evil platypus!!

Hahaha thanks for the biology lesson, I was reaching 30 years back in my brain to a 3rd grade book report for my info.

A Center for Ants?
Nov 21, 05 5:00 pm

ah... when "work" used to consist of rehashing the contents of 3-5 encyclopedia articles and citing them properly. those were the days.

vado retro
Nov 21, 05 5:36 pm

fast help pleeze

libyan architect
Nov 21, 05 5:50 pm

does any body remember what i need here

Nov 21, 05 5:54 pm

we don't understand what you want. you need to clarify your thoughts a little better.

libyan architect
Nov 21, 05 6:15 pm

any sources (websites) about cancer's institutes design

A Center for Ants?
Nov 21, 05 6:41 pm

i think we're all somewhat at a loss by what you mean by "cancer's institutes"...

are you referring to a specific project? and if so, you need to supply more information so we know which one you're talking about...

Nov 21, 05 10:31 pm


Nov 22, 05 2:20 am

it really really makes me laugh that the title of this poor guy's thread was 'FAST HELP PLEASE' and you guys have been discussing platypi / pussies for pages now! How far from the topic could you be? Ha ha.

C'mon libyan explain what you mean, we're willing to help but don't quite understand what you need.

Nov 22, 05 2:23 am

...if you mean the design of cancer hospitals in general, I believe there is a new Cancer Centre opened in Odaiba, Tokyo although I couldn't tell you the designer or anything. Its not a famous design I don't think, I just drove past it the other day.

But you'll have to clarify, you could mean the star-sign for all I can tell.

Nov 22, 05 4:30 am


Nov 22, 05 8:03 am

Charles Jencks wife died of cancer and he started these:

which are like anti-cancer buildings.
Keep on smoking and you might yet end your days with your own room (and nurse) in a Gehry or Hadid.

Nov 22, 05 8:04 am

sorry to be so on-topic

Nov 22, 05 8:25 am

liberty bell
Nov 22, 05 8:53 am

evil/happy/./platypus: when you enter the url of the image, at the end of the url enter a space, then "width=418", then the second set of brackets with no space, and the whole image should fit...I'm desperate to see it!

libyan architect
Nov 26, 05 6:25 am

may i have attention please........................................................ with real architects body please help me
i repeat with real architects body please help me

Nov 26, 05 6:56 am

I have an architects body

libyan architect
Nov 26, 05 7:15 am

oooooooh god where is the Educational Hospitals for cancer in this world i cant get any one

vado retro
Nov 26, 05 8:38 am

a. google cancer hospitals
b. record results
c. contact recorded institution's facilities manager
d. ask facilities manager for information regarding architecture firms involved.
e. contact architecture firm(s) involved.
f. ask to speak to project manager of cancer hospital.
g. ask project manager if he can supply needed information.

will gallowaywill galloway
Nov 26, 05 12:59 pm

that is far too logical, could never work. worse than going to the library and checking out the book on paleative care and cetera. i mean, that would be silly.

vado retro
Nov 26, 05 3:21 pm

soory its my pre internet research techniques comin back to haunt me.

will gallowaywill galloway
Nov 26, 05 8:14 pm

you mean people actually had to work to learn things? frightening.

vado retro
Nov 27, 05 8:51 am

university librarians-the original google

Nov 28, 05 10:18 am

Im doing an Oncology center right now, outpatient, why dont I just dend you the plans and you could use those?

vado retro
Nov 28, 05 7:56 pm

evil he needs cancer hospital information not plans for a place that does horoscopes...

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