Separated at Birth?

Jul 13 '05 561 Last Comment
Jul 14, 05 12:19 am

Kengo Kuma

Graham Greene

Jul 14, 05 12:28 am

Frank Gehry

Lord Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Jul 14, 05 12:39 am

Bruce Mau

John Rhys-Davies

Jul 14, 05 12:43 am

Bernard Tschumi

Mr. Rogers

Jul 14, 05 12:51 am

Rem Koolhaas

Daniel Emilfork

Jul 14, 05 12:53 am

Frank Lloyd Wright

Willy Wonka

juan moment
Jul 14, 05 12:57 am

rafael viñoly

martin scorsese

juan moment
Jul 14, 05 12:59 am

christopher alexander

Gérard Depardieu

juan moment
Jul 14, 05 1:00 am

anthonly vidler

gandalf from lord of the rings

Jul 14, 05 1:10 am

hahahahahaha... classic!

Jul 14, 05 6:25 am


Junior Soprano

on a non architecture lookalike

Jul 14, 05 9:51 am

steven holl


liberty bell
Jul 14, 05 1:10 pm

Lou Kahn

Lou Reed

David Cuthbert
Jul 14, 05 1:18 pm

Javier Arbona

Vin Diesel

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 1:21 pm

barbara littenberg

liza minelli

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 1:22 pm

ether that gehry one is rediculous

David Cuthbert
Jul 14, 05 1:25 pm

Jacques Herzog

Jason Stratham

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 1:29 pm

or wait i should say driftwood

the bruder one would be right on if the treebeard picture showed up. the first thing i wondered when i saw that movie was how much makeup bruder was wearing

Jul 14, 05 1:33 pm

the daniel libeskind - guy from something about mary is still by far the best one.

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 1:38 pm

i don't know man i still vote for the gehry/palpatine one. where did that picture of frank come from?

Jul 14, 05 1:51 pm

tschumi vs mr rodgers
kwinter vs sideshow,
phillip johnson vs mr six

my top three thus far...hopefully more to come though.

liberty bell
Jul 14, 05 1:51 pm

I'm so, so sorry for opening the floodgates like this, I apologize to everyone especially Paul, but it's just inevitable.....

Paul Petrunia

Brad Pitt

Please don't ban me Paul! Please, please, it's actually a compliment if you've heard how I rave about Brad on this site!

Jul 14, 05 1:53 pm

i was wondering how someone was going to work him in here.

Jul 14, 05 1:54 pm

It's from the World Cup of Hockey's website. Gehry designed the new World Cup.

Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
Jul 14, 05 1:58 pm

ha! how could i ban you for that? i think that's the first and last time i will be compared to brad pitt though... ;)

Jul 14, 05 1:59 pm

liberty bell-

I think Paul looks more like David Duchovny than Mr. Pitt...

Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
Jul 14, 05 2:00 pm

driftwood is banned.

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 2:01 pm

i think liberty bell has a secret crush on paul

Jul 14, 05 2:03 pm

ha ha

Jul 14, 05 2:04 pm
Jul 14, 05 2:04 pm


Jul 14, 05 2:08 pm

David Cuthbert
Jul 14, 05 2:10 pm


y'all have me laughing to myself in the office. I think Paul would pass as a younger Brad Pitt (aka bad-ass pitt) from in Thelma & Louise

Paul do you own a stetson /cowboy hat?

liberty bell
Jul 14, 05 2:20 pm

le bossman, that comment belongs over on the archinect crushes thread!

But it could be argued that I spend more waking hours with Paul than I do with my husband, what with this compulsive addiction I have to archinect...

Thanks for not banning me Paul!

juan moment
Jul 14, 05 2:22 pm

helmut jahn

bond villain francisco scaramanga

John JourdenJohn Jourden
Jul 14, 05 2:34 pm

scaramanga = jahn is my favorite

le bossman
Jul 14, 05 2:37 pm

what is up with that picture of helmut jahn anyway?

"i am passionate. i have desire for you now."

Jul 14, 05 2:45 pm

lb, you're awesome. Funny pictures + Brad Pitt and David Duchovny. This thread is the best thing ever. I wish there was an architect that looked like David Beckham.

Jul 14, 05 3:03 pm

Paul Petrunia

Nick Lachey

Jul 14, 05 3:15 pm

damn paul, you're having a good day.

Paul PetruniaPaul Petrunia
Jul 14, 05 3:21 pm

no - brad pitt, david duchovney and nick lachey are having a good day

liberty bell
Jul 14, 05 3:23 pm

Rock on, Paul, you are so right!


Jul 14, 05 3:26 pm

Paul Petrunia

Damon Albarn by Julian Opie

Jul 14, 05 3:40 pm

winka dubbledam

winona ryder

Jul 14, 05 3:44 pm

rick joy

matthew perry

Jul 14, 05 4:03 pm

gehry/palpatine by far the funniest. I'm gonna go to bed laughing about that one.

Can anyone do Benedict/Palpatine? I've seen it before and it's great.

John JourdenJohn Jourden
Jul 14, 05 4:28 pm


rick joy

peter lorre

Jul 14, 05 6:14 pm

Eric van Egeraat

Brad Pitt

Stewart Hicks
Jul 14, 05 8:06 pm

stan allen

rick moranis

Jul 14, 05 8:10 pm

Alvar Aalto

Abe Vigoda

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