Worst Rock Song Ever!!!

May 30 '05 155 Last Comment
vado retro
May 30, 05 12:05 pm

okay i was at a local big box retailer pickin up a few things for the holiday you know. and i heard what i declare to be the worst rock n roll song ever. it is Rockin' Into The Night" by .38 Special. God it sucks. Coincidentally, one of the best songs ever, "Let There Be Rock" by the Drive By Truckers which i was listening to on the drive over, actually mentions .38 Special.

Dropped acid, blue oyster cult concert.
14 years old.
and i thought those lasers were spiders chasin me
on the way home got pulled over
in rogersville alabama
with a half ounce of weed
and a case of sterling big mouth
my buddy gene was drivin
he just barely turned sixteen
and i liked to im sorry but we lived to tell about it
and we lived to do a whole bunch more of crazy
stupid shit

and i never saw lynyrd skynyrd
but i sure saw molly hatchett
with .38 special and the johnny van zandt band.


liberty bell
May 30, 05 1:04 pm

Living now in the flyover states, vado, I am being forced to rediscover all the bad music that has been produced in the last few decades.

Workin' for the Weekend may be worse than Rockin' Into the Night. Can't even remember that bands name although I can picture the album cover - one guy had on a red headband.

My personal worst has to be Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now by Jefferson Starship. Please stop, now.

May 30, 05 1:47 pm

Liberty, I agree ....The Band Loverboy ... the guy wearing the headband ...Mike Reno.

vado retro
May 30, 05 2:46 pm

we built this city is pretty horrific. all these bands will be coming to indy soon lb!!

May 31, 05 9:25 am

mr roboto by styx

maniac (theme song from flashdance)

honest mistake - the bravery

juan moment
May 31, 05 10:02 am

what's going on - 4 non blondes

i would walk 500 miles - proclaimers

hit me with your best shot - pat benatar

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
May 31, 05 10:29 am
Buildings that rock: Architectural dream no. 1256

To make a building whose narrative develops when you walk through it with the exact same change in tempo as Lynard Skynard's Freebird.

It would take nine minutes and seven seconds to complete the journey.

May 31, 05 12:06 pm

heh, i saw boc when i was 14. that was when they released godzilla.

isn't there a new reality tv show coming out about one hit wonder rockers? something about whether they still have it or not? i know loverboy and vanilla ice will be part of it.

Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
May 31, 05 12:22 pm

All I have is two words:

Night Ranger

May 31, 05 12:40 pm

as much as i love ozzy... i have a love/hate relationship with the duet "close my eyes forever" by lita ford and ozzy.

black bat
May 31, 05 3:08 pm

i'll probably get backlash, becasue its The Who

but Pinball Wizard is godawful

May 31, 05 3:27 pm

bad company - feel like makin' love. my ears start bleeding when i hear this song.

The commish
May 31, 05 4:05 pm

Armageddon is the Worst Movie ever.

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
May 31, 05 4:08 pm

armageddon is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.

May 31, 05 4:09 pm

The three little pigs song. Who was that anyway?

The commish
May 31, 05 4:10 pm

Green Jelly did three little pigs

The commish
May 31, 05 4:14 pm

Javier, I hope you are kidding.

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
May 31, 05 4:17 pm

The commish... I never kid. I'm sure you yourself have Tivo'd it in secret.

The commish
May 31, 05 4:19 pm

I can't afford TIVO.

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
May 31, 05 4:21 pm

I don't own one either, but I like to kid people about their Tivo habits.

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
May 31, 05 4:28 pm

and by the same token...that Aerosmith song in the movie is one of the best rock songs of all time.

May 31, 05 4:36 pm

Johnny Winter: Rock 'n Roll Hootchie Koo

Bob Seger: I'm Going to Katmandu


May 31, 05 4:44 pm

talking about Aerosmith, the 'Pink' album cover is as bad as anything inside...

anything by Diamanda Galás can be considered the Worst Song ever.. wether it is Rock or not..

May 31, 05 4:45 pm

not sure if this is rock, but Push the lil Daisies by Ween is horrible. But, kinda fun to listen to and annoy other people with...

May 31, 05 4:52 pm

anything by the red hot chili peppers or offspring.

May 31, 05 5:03 pm

ballroom blitz by sweet. makes me cringe also.

Clancy Pearson
May 31, 05 5:05 pm

Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm: worst "rock" song in my opinion

oh man... so bad

May 31, 05 5:38 pm

I cant believe this hasn't come up on this list yet...
I would do anything for love....but i wont do that.

someone please kill me now...its stuck in my head...HELP!!!

I HATE Meatloaf!!!

May 31, 05 5:40 pm

'hip to be square' gets my vote.

and pat benetar is a legend. 'hit me with your best shot' should not be mentioned as a part of this list.

May 31, 05 5:41 pm

red hot chili peppers!? what!???

black bat
May 31, 05 5:47 pm

i had "up town girl" by billie joel stuck in my head for a solid week and a half. once it settles in, it's an unstoppable force.

"come sail away" by styx is a nightmare as well.

set an open course and go

The commish
May 31, 05 5:48 pm

To be perfectly honest, I would say maybe only one or two of the songs that have made it on this list actually deserve to be here. The rest are Ultimate Classics.
Night Ranger should not be here!

May 31, 05 5:49 pm

'monster mash'

i second several meatloaf songs. it isn't a good song. no. stop it.

(although i will accept questions regarding it being a
rock song)

May 31, 05 5:51 pm

what's that song... "don't stop, thinkin' about tomorrow"

The commish
May 31, 05 5:52 pm

Yeah, that song sucks Cris

May 31, 05 5:53 pm

on the flip side...

best rock song ever.

right now i'm on a gnr kick...welcome to the jungle

acdc - back in black

there are of course several other beatles, zepellin and other
songs that are up there...but for pure rockin the bus...

May 31, 05 5:59 pm

for the best rock song this week:
Metallica: The Outlaw Torn
The Dogs D'Amour: Last Bandit

and the best non-rock song:
Digable Planets: Flyin' High In The Brooklyn Sky
DJ Shadow: Hindslight

The commish
May 31, 05 6:05 pm

Digable Planets are friggin awesome. Cool Like Dat has got to be one of the best Hip Hop songs ever recorded.

Any song by those goddamn Ying Yang Twins lands dead last. Idiots!

May 31, 05 6:25 pm

yup, DP are great.. almost everything in Reachin' (Time & Space) is superb!...

if Phil Collins solo work does count as 'rock' then I nominate all his songs...

Ms Beary
May 31, 05 6:28 pm

Fleetwood Mac doesn't belong on this list either! "don't stop, thinkin' bout tomorrow" isn't their best, but it's not in the worst rock category like WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS - Queen's opera rock crap.

May 31, 05 6:41 pm

anything by journey.

vado retro
May 31, 05 6:52 pm

yeah you guys are comin up with some bad tunes. still i think my pick is worse my runner up would be juke box hero by foreigner.

"i never saw lynyrd skynyrd
but i sure saw ozzy osbourne
with randy rhoades in 82
right before that plane crash
and i never say lynyrd skynyrd
but i sure saw ac/dc
with bon scott singin
Let There Be Rock!!!!!!

May 31, 05 6:55 pm

To add on to Black Bat's hatred for arcade game songs....

....Pacman Fever is the absolute worst song ever written. There is no comparison.

The commish
May 31, 05 7:06 pm

Tick Tock You don't Stop.
Color Me Bad, although I love them, had some horrible songs. They always had the guy break in and sing in Spanish to try to spice up the song. Sort of their take on the deep voice in Boys II Men.

( In deep Voice) "Baby, I know I hurt you, but you just don't understand how much you mean to me do you. Why won't you come back, blah blah."

Still got love for the both of them, but those parts were always so ridiculous.

May 31, 05 8:16 pm

edgewood has it

pacman fever is the winner. so bad i had blocked it out. it's terrible in both premise and execution. truly terrible.

May 31, 05 9:06 pm

Diamanda Galas fucking rocks, she reminds me of Nina Simone, a gothic Nina Simone...

name just about ANY Beach Boys or Rolling Stone song and it'll get my vote as worthless pieces of shiite......Hootie and The Blowfish - SUCK, George Thorogood - SUCK, Crash Test Dummies - SUCK.........

Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
May 31, 05 9:27 pm

Commish ... I have this thought about Color Me Badd (or "CMB"). Now, consider, briefly, if you will, their chart-topping mega-smash "(I Wanna) Sex You Up." "Sex" is typically an intransitive verb; in other words if the singer from CMB wanted to consummate a relationship with his ladyfriend, he would say something like "I want to have sex with you." An intransitive verb, for those of you who may remember, is used when one indirectly acts upon another, as in:

A does someting with B
C has had dinner with D

CMB has done an amazing thing by creating a transitive verb version of the word sex. In the world of CMB neologisms, sex has become that you do to some one. Thus:

A does something to B
C tells something to D
E will "sex up" F

If you think about it, CMB's dualistic verb use is emblematic of the dialogic, a term coined by the Russian literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin. Dialogia is when a word becomes aware of competing definitions for the same thing. Dialogism is thus the characteristic mode of a world dominated by heteroglossia. Heteroglossia describes the constant interaction between different meanings of a particular world. Thus, in CMB's lyrical, normative universe, the verb "to sex" is both dialogic and heteroglossic.

But my vote for Worst Song Ever would be Kiss' "I Was Made For Loving You," from their incredibly terrible not-so-rocking disco album, "Dynasty" .... I think these are the outfits they wore during that particularly sucky time in their not-so-great career

vado retro
Jun 1, 05 1:04 am

worse than "beth"?

Jun 1, 05 1:22 am

ugh, beth.

Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
Jun 1, 05 2:51 am

ok i think I got the worst rock song ever... Round and Round by Ratt.

Jun 1, 05 4:22 am

beta, I love Nina Simone .. but have you heard this one by Galás?:
Schrei X

that's got to be one of the most torturing albums I've ever heard, even worst than the worst song by King Diamond & Mercyful Fate or The Monkees...
The Singer, also by DG, where she does the worst blues covers I've ever heard, its pretty terrible too...

btw, some songs by Cinderella, Poison and Mötley Crue should be in this list too..

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