Drugs in Studio

The Rice thread made me think of this...

When I was looking into grad schools, I visited Rice and spoke with several students there. A few of them noted that they, as well as many of their studio-mates, were under such pressure to produce studio work that they often resorted to taking drugs (mostly speed, apparently) to stay up for several days in a row.

Anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this?

Apr 8, 05 1:54 am

I took, take, and sold aderaal to my fellow arch students...its the best for drafting and making models.

Apr 8, 05 3:11 am

Dont take drugs for studio, kids. Sure, you mind flies like a buzzsaw for a couple of hours, but long coherent enduring stamina requires strait up will-power. I like 36 hours on, 4 hours off, totally manageable for long periods. I suggest not even drinking coffee or soda, the up is helpful for a bit, but the down is too devastating to be worth it. Take a run around the building or a ride around campus, maybe a cup of tea just to streach out your last few hours, other than that, it ususally does more harm than good.

In my humble experience anyway,..

Apr 8, 05 4:55 am

/ and p.s. yes, many of my friends do it, I did it a couple of times as a freshman but I never found it practically useful.

Apr 8, 05 4:57 am

best drug for studio is sleep.....I subscribe to the 4-hour-sleep plan when things get heated up.....

there was this girl in college that always said the best thing to do to be productive is have worked for her I guess....

people always got high so that they could come up with crazy stuff they wouldn't have been able to imagine otherwise........I felt sorry for them because I've only seen it actually wor with one guy (pot head), but it slowed him down in all other aspects of life (conversations on anything outside architecture)...

oe: you are officially one of the coolest people in these forums in my book, especially for your posts on "dead wrong", not because I agree with most of what you say, but because you offer facts/logic to support your opinions and are open-minded for debate...

Apr 8, 05 8:05 am
Ms Beary

speed is nasty. don't go there. I went into studio one saturday morning after a night of I-ain't-going-to-tell-you-what-it-was-concoction. Everything I did was complete nonsense, so of course the prof loved it on monday. but it wasn't something you want to do all the time. I have a notebook full of stuff that I wrote down that day and i'm sure it's pretty interesting, but you can only read every fifth word or so.
lots of people somked cigarettes in studio to stay awake. it smelled and made me sick.
excercise works. so does eating apples!

Apr 8, 05 8:59 am
Apr 8, 05 1:11 pm

Capsaicine !

This is the stuff in spicy food, your bodies reaction is to make endorfine..a great pain killer (your body also makes it when you run a marathon)

If I have to pull an all nighter I prefer to eat Indonesian or Surinam food (2 former Dutch colonies). Whenever you're in Holand...try it, these are the best two 'dutch' kitchens.

Madamme Jeanette is a pepper from Surinam that is extremely spicy, works better than apples...but please be carefull, don't OD.

Apr 8, 05 2:46 pm

how many schools let you smoke in studio? Man would that be nice. Just like the 50s!

Apr 8, 05 5:13 pm

no studio project is worth fucking up your body with speed

Apr 8, 05 7:16 pm
Ms Beary

one of the profs smoked. during the day while classes were being held even.

Apr 8, 05 8:39 pm

no drugs, just (some) sleep. i try and get at least 2 hours a day. i don't understand those that don't have time to sleep but spend hours talking about how they are too busy too sleep......

Apr 8, 05 9:01 pm

Drugs tend to have long term adverse effects.....

Apr 8, 05 9:18 pm

the best drug, meticulous time management from day one of an assignment and no all-nighters required if you planned your tasks and stuck to your schedule. i never did one past 2am. period.

Apr 8, 05 9:33 pm

in this case, i often found myself overlooking the most obvious solutions. when staying up for extended hours, you need to provide your body with much more nutrition than you normally would. take time to eat more meals throughout the night and replinish your body with a constant supply of water. it seems so elementary, but so many people forget, and it has proved to be very helpful.

Apr 8, 05 9:52 pm
vado retro

its my life
its my wife
and i guess that i just dont know

Apr 8, 05 11:01 pm

sleep is where its at. its the best. that said, I survive on caffiene and nicoteen.

I come from berkeley originally and as such Rice has NO drug problem.

My theory about school is the 4 S's, based off of my friend's 3 S's
His theory is that you have Sleep, Social life, and School. Pick two.

my thought for achitecture students:
you have Sleep, Social life, School and Studio. Pick two.

Apr 8, 05 11:14 pm
le bossman

mr. john...

don't forget that i have witnessed rice studio's first hand...the only drug they were taking was crack...


mr. le bossman

Apr 8, 05 11:21 pm
on anal-retentive aka meticulous work habits/time manage ment;

I cant do it. I tried. I cant. I dont believe in it, I like pushing my body, I like panic and stress, like seal training or something, you only make strides when youre stretched thin, tearing brain-tendons (or something) Freud all freaked out on coke, hendrix heroin, poe alcohol/depressio/dead13yearoldcousin/lover,
theres nothing wrong with throwing yourself down a flight of stairs for art,

Apr 10, 05 6:44 am

mr. burden is the master.

Apr 11, 05 10:30 am

I agree with Strawberry Apples help, or Drinking water all night, but I think the secret is Green Tea straight up, or with honey and Ginseng. When I was in my second year a lot of students use to take No-doz or other types of caffeine pills. I stuck with my natural solutions and time management (headphones). Now in my fourth year most of them have dropped out .

Apr 11, 05 12:27 pm

I agree with Strawberry Apples help, or Drinking water all night, but I think the secret is Green Tea straight up, or with honey and Ginseng. When I was in my second year a lot of students use to take No-doz or other types of caffeine pills. I stuck with my natural solutions and time management (headphones). Now in my fourth year most of them have dropped out .

Apr 11, 05 12:27 pm

Ginseng is the drug of choice for those in the know

Apr 11, 05 3:23 pm
David Cuthbert


for bathing
for drinking
for washing
for drowning your bloody studio instructors

and a little restful nap

Apr 11, 05 3:51 pm

2 words: K hole

Apr 12, 05 12:41 pm

mug mug mug coffee mug gonna clear away the haze
liquid proof that i can win this race
coffee mug the grip that keeps me tall
my inter-link keeps me questing all
i don't need no booze or drugs i just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug
and i don't need your kiss and hug i just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug they haven't banned my liquid drug of choice
there's too many hooked
and they've got too much voice
so for the moment we're all pretty good to go
with 98 cups
with 98 more to go
here a bean, there a bean everywhere a mean mean bean chug - a - lug - o - my coffee - mug, mug, mug, mug

down by law

Apr 12, 05 1:54 pm

I take Redbulls for allnighters.
1 at midnight and another in the morning.
works great yet, works much better than espresso.

Apr 13, 05 2:15 am

i'm with oe on time management- can't do it! there is SO MUCH to do besides work that is a long ways off... and i get such a rush from pressure and some amount of stress.

for those of you walking the line between coffee and hard-core stimulants, try UP SHOT. It's like Redbull, but in barely-legal consentration. 2 liquid oz and hours of fun. If you can drink it straight, you're something else.

Apr 13, 05 2:28 am

I heard ritalin is ment to be great for helpin one get loads done?

Apr 14, 05 12:05 pm
Ms Beary

I heard it makes you a bad speller though.

Apr 14, 05 4:29 pm

I wonder what spelling bee champ takes.

Apr 14, 05 5:01 pm

i stayed awake cuz i loved architecture. coffe water and midnight runs to the am pm , or jack in the box or anything greasy .

chanos tooo


Apr 15, 05 9:02 pm

I recently was hospitalized with seizures due to caffiene toxicity. I was working a shit load for a starchitect and doing school and doing my own screenprinting and graphic design. Stress + Caffeine + No sleep can cause live once...don't want to have a heart attack at 35.

the past 6 weeks I have completely done away with all caffiene, drink mostly water and little decaf tea...and lots of walks with the the grind anyday and I am just as productive.

I also quit working for the firm which has releaved me of much stress.

Apr 15, 05 9:08 pm

damn you kurt, you made me want chanos now... maybe in a couple of hours, if I figure out my bridges.

I love going to the 7-11 near campus at 3 in the morning, and finding 10-15 other architecture students there, hovering around that stand by the counter with all the experimental energy products.

Apr 15, 05 9:45 pm
Luis Fraguada

early on during undergrad I resorted to red bull, then the cheaper, probably more toxic "Blue Ox." We used to get em by the casefull. While they did keep me up, had all sorts of shakes and jitters . . .not cool for inking.

After a studio on Blue Ox, I stopped drinking caffine alltogether. The last few years it was just a lot of music. It helps to have good friends there. Discussion breaks are great. Yeah, no drug is better than your project.

Apr 16, 05 9:53 pm

I think it's really pathetic how many otherwise super intelligent architects and students seem to give themselves a pass on good healthy choices because they think their struggle is somehow unique. There's no good excuse for people to ruin their bodies with nicotine, speed, or caffeine.

Apr 17, 05 10:20 am

I have gone ten years without any caffeine, six of those years being school. I see everyone around me constantly downing Rock Star, coffee, and other terrible drinks. It's water for me, and so far it's worked.

Apr 17, 05 6:49 pm

Ok, here is the deal guys the best way to stay awake and keep working is to:

1. Drink a ton of water while you work, because you have to get up and use the restroom every 10 mins. Gives a reason to get up and stretch out.

2. Listen to really shitty and catchy music so you can sing along and therefore have something to do while you are thinking and working. (Shitty britney spears, and crap like that. it might be bad, but its catchy)

3. Put on headphones, or else people will constantly talk to you while you are trying to sing along, or go to the restroom.

And for the person earlier that asked about smoking. I go to IIT and its a big glass box that doesn't allow smoking because it will hurt the lungs of the complaining people everywhere else in the building, but people still do it late at night.

Apr 18, 05 2:19 am
The Thriller in Manila

Ok, I had to bring it up for laughs. what about smoking bud? pros and cons

Apr 18, 05 5:50 am

its fine when all you have left to do is hatch .like hatching though it should be used in moderation- too much of one can easily lead to too much of the other!

Apr 22, 05 5:30 am

smoking bud will get you lifted for a bit...but if you give in to eating oh man. its like denying the physical to maintain the enchanced mental. a good balance between pot and coffee and the occasional adderal works for me. i think that drugs are your allies, just dont fuck it up for yourself. sometimes when i think i could use it most is usually the times that i skip out on it.
yeah me and my allies.... we get along.
having said that..... fuck hatching.

Apr 23, 05 4:35 pm

'hatching' or hashing?

Apr 23, 05 9:34 pm

if i have to stay up... a beer or 2 every 2 hours keeps the spirits up... nice little buzz...

Apr 24, 05 10:55 am

bud's your buddy. every architects best friend.

Apr 24, 05 11:01 am

just had to mention, I'd never even heard of adderall until this thread, but today my school paper came out with a big piece on students abusing it. One of the several sources mentioned was a "freshman architecture student, speaking on the condition of anonymity". Big surprise there.

Apr 26, 05 10:47 am

I'm at rice, and we're currently working with the nanotech department on drugs that change our genetic structure to make ourselves more machine-like. This is good, as it means we can finally break down the meth lab I set up in the architecture darkroom next to albert pope's office. Pope won't be happy though, he's a FIEND. It wasn't working anyways though, Lars kept trying to use it to refine coca that he grows ghetto, and damnit, my kit isn't built for that. But he's dean, so what're you gonna do huh?


Apr 26, 05 11:14 am

have done 52 hours (2 nights 2.5 days) without even a snooze ... without drugs for a studio .... i know a colleague who reached 70 hours (yes) ..... he was in such a trance after that, that he forgot to extinguish the candle ... room and drapes got burnt ....BUT that's still better than drugs ....
am not against them ... but save them to enjoy after the project is complete

Apr 27, 05 4:56 am

just to brag, because i don't have anything else to brag about, my personal best sleepless record is 117 hours. after about 60, it actually gets easier. and for the record, it was without drugs. bud's the only drug for me - hypocritical and illogical i know - but i'm actually very against most other drugs.
and actually, as i always point out after proudly stating my sleepless record, i actually SHOULDN'T be proud of it... arch students are forced/encouraged to be pretty unhealthy. i was very stupid to do it, and intend to never do another all-nighter if i can get away with it.

Apr 27, 05 9:08 am

i like to snort some cocaine when i get sleepy. if i'm really in a bind, i'll free-bass a little. these two methods do wonders for my energy level.

Apr 27, 05 2:00 pm
Dazed and Confused

Beer in the morning is kinda kinky - ?

Apr 27, 05 11:55 pm

i'm one of the despised ones who never pulled an all-nighter and i didn't really pull that many late-nighters for that matter. but for all the complaining people did about long nights without sleep in school, i always noticed two things that made me feel pretty unsympathetic. first, the studios were usually all but empty between 6am and 6pm. sure people have other things going on like other classes during the day, but those don't take more than a few hours per day. the second thing is that a lot of the hours people count as studio time are spent doing things completely unrelated to studio such as eating, talking to friends, using the internet. so although i spent a lot less time in studio than most, i got a lot more work done by staying focused on the work and keeping my "play" times outside the studio.

Apr 28, 05 9:51 am

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